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  1. I think people are making Tulane’s choice of uniforms out to be way more than what they are. The light blue is an alternate uniform. Not a primary. As an alternate, as something of a one-off, it’s fine. I’d even go so far to say that it’s beautiful.
  2. (We’re in Week 3 now, and I’d like to point out that the Detroit Lions have yet to lose a game this season. That is all.) Tennessee vs. Jacksonville Oakland vs. Minnesota Cincinnati vs. Buffalo NY Jets vs. New England Detroit vs. Philadelphia Baltimore vs. Kansas City Miami vs. Dallas Atlanta vs. Indianapolis Denver vs. Green Bay NY Giants vs. Tampa Bay Carolina vs. Arizona New Orleans vs. Seattle Houston vs. LA Chargers Pittsburgh vs. San Francisco LA Rams vs. Cleveland Chicago vs. Washington
  3. I KNEW I should’ve called that tie between Arizona and Detroit! - - - Tampa Bay vs. Carolina Minnesota vs. Green Bay Seattle vs. Pittsburgh Indianapolis vs. Tennessee Arizona vs. Baltimore Buffalo vs. NY Giants LA Chargers vs. Detroit Dallas vs. Washington Jacksonville vs. Houston San Francisco vs. Cincinnati New England vs. Miami Kansas City vs. Oakland Chicago vs. Denver New Orleans vs. LA Rams Philadelphia vs. Atlanta Cleveland vs. NY Jets
  4. Can we see the Bills with their blue jersey, white pants, and red color rush socks? - - - I think it’s worth noting that the only teams who had uniform sock lengths amongst their players were those who chose the full stockings. So it’s a matter of picking your poison: Do you go with the traditional half color/half white sock, while risking the likely lack of uniformity, or do you choose uniformity but with the contentious look of a full sock?
  5. I love my Saints and all, but… no.
  6. As it currently stands, are the Browns the only team who has the same colored numbers on their road and home jerseys? Also, what other times was that the case for a team?
  7. Yeah I was gonna ask about teams like the Niners, Chargers, and Cardinals, until you mentioned darkest team color overall. Though would a black chinstrap work for the Cardinals and Niners in your opinion?
  8. How about matching the facemask then?
  9. The annual tradition is back, baby! Green Bay vs. Chicago Kansas City vs. Jacksonville Atlanta vs. Minnesota Tennessee vs. Cleveland Buffalo vs. NY Jets Baltimore vs. Miami Washington vs. Philadelphia LA Rams vs. Carolina Indianapolis vs. LA Chargers Cincinnati vs. Seattle NY Giants vs. Dallas San Francisco vs. Tampa Bay Detroit vs. Arizona Pittsburgh vs. New England Houston vs. New Orleans Denver vs. Oakland
  10. Would it just be easier to say that chinstraps should match the helmet color? Or would it be better to match the facemask color?
  11. > What SHOULD the Jets colors be? (IMO their current green and white. No black. White helmet and green facemask) > What SHOULD the Eagles colors be? (IMO Kelly green and grey/silver. I’d feel better about them being the ones with the grey facemask on a green helmet. Black only as a tertiary color, if necessary)
  12. I wonder how the new sock rule will affect future uniform designs, especially since the Browns, specifically, are getting new uniforms next season.
  13. Forgive me if I missed it, but has anyone discussed this little tidbit in the thread yet?
  14. Do you mind posting the link please?
  15. I didn’t see Tulane mentioned. Did I overlook them?
  16. I think it’s fair to say that he’s currently the 3rd greatest quarterback in franchise history, behind Unitas and Manning.
  17. I’m one of those people who doesn’t like grey facemasks unless grey is part of the uniform’s color scheme elsewhere. Otherwise, my eyes find it too jarring. That’s why I like them for the Giants and even the Patriots, but not the Browns.
  18. If the Browns did get a proper logo, then where would it go on the uniform? It wouldn’t be on the helmet. It likely wouldn’t be on the sleeves of the jersey or the hips of the pants. Perhaps above the NOB á la Texans?
  19. Unfortunately, my guess is they’re only doing it because it’s the preseason.
  20. For the record, uniform cleat colors are no longer mandated by the NFL, correct? Meaning teams are no longer required to officially be either a black or white cleat team?
  21. Not feeling the solid white socks for the Browns. - - - For the record, uniform cleat colors are no longer mandated by the NFL, correct? Meaning teams are no longer required to be officially a black or white cleat team?
  22. Using @rxmc89‘s interpretation of the topic.