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  1. Thanks! I'll give it a shot
  2. is there a secret to getting lettering to evenly and neatly diagonal on the front of a jersey, a la NY Rangers? I try it by hand and it never ever looks right.
  3. I hope scorpions win the vote. It has a ton of potential, identity wise, and there aren't enough arachnid-related sports monickers and if Aces does win, it will be a tremendous disappointment, IMO. Before I knew a poll was up, my personal picks would have been scorpions, sidewinders or Mirage. on topic, your logo has a great start and a lot of promise, but still isnt quite there. For lack of a better phrase, it could use some "toughening up" ~UJ
  4. Come to find out my Adobe Creative Cloud allows for this right from Illustrator. Thanks anyways guys and, if needed, I will try the suggestions here
  5. And ALL these suggestion will allow my files to still be pulled up and edited in Illustrator (my main concern obviously)? Thanks guys!!! UniJ
  6. I totally crapped the bed and put this in the concepts forum instead of the requests forum. sorry bout that. I def should've known better. @mgdmhl: Thank you, I will look into mediafire. Anyone else confirm mediafire or have other suggestions? UniJ
  7. Hi guys, I recently got a laptop for the first time and no longer wish to keep flash drives for fear of breaking them off sticking out of a USB port on the side. Is there a place online that is cheap or free that will allow you to store .ai files? I want the convenience of being able to retrieve my work without constantly plugging and unplugging a flash drive or killing my PC storage space moving everything onto my laptop hard drive. Thanks guys! UniJ
  8. You may have just hit the nail on the head. Lemme give that a try, I am SO close on this and its, like, one or two teeny tiny adjustments away. Thanks, mamiller99. I knew some other perspectives, no pun intended, would help. UniJ
  9. I'm revising the sketch, version 3, and some things I noticed from the last version (posted above) are the thorax is entirely too big in relation to the head, especially since it is in the tailing away from the head in terms of perspective. Shrinking that and lowering the position of the wings in relation should go strides to aesthetically more pleasing. Doing that may also eliminate the need for legs, also, since the wing position would cover them.
  10. I started a project for @sohiosportsfreak for his fantasy hockey team here on our boards about two months ago. I have the primary completed and he loved it, so now that I have a tiny bit of free time I wanted to continue on the work I was doing for him. This is the secondary I mocked up, and it's not quite complete, but I am stuck on a few areas and wanted some opinions from you guys. His team will be called the Cincinnati Stingers, in this secondary I am trying to capture a hornet in rapid attack flight (it will eventually be bursting through a roundel). The angle in the sketch is a tad extreme, I was just going to adjust in Illustrator in the vectorization process, but it will be on a slight angle to give the notion of movement. Where I am getting hung up on is the wings. In their current stage they look stationary (I will be adding motion lines in the final stages of the project, but even now I think they look static). I am very pleased with the head, but I am losing the antennae in the border of the thorax. I really dont want to have to put a white outline on it if I dont have to. Lastly, while I think the legs, as I have them may be the best way to pull them off in the illustration, I think they will look weak in comparison to the rest of the design. I just need some fresh eyes cuz I have been staring at this thing from all angles for two days straight. thanks guys unij
  11. Yeah I know. Chris emailed me about two hours ago and said he's running behind. I'm positive it will be up before the day is out.
  12. Final product for IceHL's Hawaii Honu. Head over to icethetics.co (no "m") and gimme and/or one of the other submissions some love. Primary: Secondary: Word: Thanks for all the C&C throughout the project! UniJ
  13. As per request, a B&W version. On the version I chose to submit I did remove the shading on the shell. As much as I thought it added dimension to the shell, it did add an unnecessary color to the palette
  14. Thank you guys for all the feedback. The actual name of the team is the Hawaii Honu, so, technically, there is no direct need for green to be in the logo. I included the "Green Sea Turtle" in my topic name just so people didn't go "WTF?!" wondering what "Honu" was. That is the Hawaiian name for the animal, that's all. I will post the final product, along with the secondary (optional for the poll) and wordmark (mandatory). The secondary will be a pineapple/turtle shell hybrid.
  15. Okay guys, the volcanic look, as cool as it would've been, just didn't come out right, no matter how I tried. However, here are a few color combos I have tried and would appreciate your feedback. The background color would be a potential jersey color the crest would be sitting on, but definitely not final (that's what I need your help with). Yes I know I left the eyes yellow on a few that I shouldn't have, but I am running late for work and I will fix that tonight. Thanks guys!
  16. Tweak No. 1. Fixed back flipper (I think. It definitely flows better), made head/face more menacing, modified the shell a bit. Now I will begin the process of "vulcanizing" the whole thing. The original drawing is underneath this one on the tracing pad for so you can see the progression. C&C definitely welcome. This is the palette I created: Thanks guys UniJ
  17. God damn! Though I feel mine is going in a different direction than this, especially if I go "volcanic", it sucks someone beat me to the stick/flipper thing. Crap. UniJ
  18. I think I surprised myself with coming up with the lava-esque turtle off the cuff like that, it may actually kick ass if I can pull it off. Red/orange/gold/ash or charcoal.......my creativity gears are spinning.
  19. I completely hear that, especially about the colors. There are a LOT of green teams, even more blue teams and you have to have green in the palette of it's a turtle concept. My only other line of thinking was to make the turtle look like magma and ash like it came from or was a part of something volcanic. Usually I OVER reference stuff before starting on concepts, for example, if I wanted to use the flag of Hawaii as a color reference, it's red, blue and white (though I didn't know it had a Union Jack on it til I looked it up) and I can't think of any way to work a turtle design with red, blue and white. As far as having stick in the logo, I just thought it would look good using the blades as flippers. Usually I hate sports logos that use a piece of that sport's equipment in the logo, but I thought here it would work nice, creativity-wise (which you said, so I'm sure you're following what I'm saying). UniJ
  20. Yeah, the back flippers aren't very big or visible on the actual animal. They are strictly for steering while swimming. Since the front flippers were to give the appearance of hockey stick blades and the back flippers to look like where the sticks broke off, if that makes sense. Thanks for the kind words.
  21. The IceHL, over at www.icethetics.co, has a few of their teams rebranding and they are starting with their newest franchise the Hawaii Honu (honu is Hawaiian for sea turtle) and they open the designing to anyone then submissions are put to a vote on the site. Here is my first rough draft for a primary logo. Club colors are also up to the discretion of the designer so I was thinking something along the lines of black (since it is also called the black sea turtle because of its shell), green, burnt orange/tan and white. C&C more than welcome.
  22. When I was a kid growing up in Virginia Beach, these stores were THE place to grocery shop. Nowadays they are kinda ghetto and dirty. Anyways, when I was young I always thought the "tongue" and "top lip" formed an eye (in the negative space) giving it a birdlike appearance, not really grasping the whole "Food Lion" name. As I grew up I realized the "tongue" was a "tongue" and not a beak. However, if the opportunity arose to revamp their look, the Lion definitely should've gotten a facelift.
  23. Nevermind, answered my own question. I didn't know there was a cheetah print in the swatches library. UniJ