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  1. On a slightly related note, are overly "America!!!" uniforms (which I hate for the reasons mentioned, they are overdone, gaudy and thus usually have no real meaning) an American thing? I'm not well-versed on a lot of other nations, but I can't recall seeing a Canadian team effectively wearing a Canadian flag uniform (although the maple leaf is common). Does the UK have teams wearing patriotic Union Jack uniforms?
  2. I'm gonna be that technical "but white IS a color" guy.
  3. Makes me wish there was a red/green team in baseball. Not a bad color combination at all.
  4. You'd think they'd change it to something like "Keep America Great." Using the exact same slogan implies Trump has yet to make things great.
  5. This is why I wanted a Dodgers-Royals WS so much back in 2015 or so. The idea of two teams virtually identical to one another would have been fun to watch.
  6. Too bad it's Silicon Valley. They'll build 3,000 homes no one but the 1% can afford, meaning the homeless won't benefit at all.
  7. After all this time, it just occurred to me: do the Angels and Rangers have the same number font?
  8. As long as we're talking about the Rays, I still prefer the more literal manta ray identity than the more abstract "ray of light" they have now. As for their colors, I agree some green mixed with powder blue would be an interesting look.
  9. It's very subtle, but if you look at the shapes of the shields as well as the colors, it does very vaguely spell "FUN." But I agree it's no arrow in the FedEx logo. I only even knew it was there because I happened to read their Wikipedia page once and it was mentioned there.
  10. I'm still not convinced the Lakers and Clippers have ever had a true rivalry. It's generally been completely one-sided, heavily in favor of the Lakers (although recently the Clippers have been better). They've never met in the playoffs and while the Clippers certainly have their fans, it's not like Dodgers-Angels or Kings-Ducks where there is a physical geographical divide between the two (not to mention the numerous socio-economic differences between LA and Orange Counties).
  11. Downgrade, I'd say. The older logo has "FUN" hidden in the upper part of the logo. The new middle logo looks like the unused Papa John's logo and without the "Pizza Royalty," can be a logo for anything (like furniture). The bottom roundel is a bit better but the "rT" is too stylized; is it supposed to resemble something?
  12. Saw this the other day in their newest commercials (that are trying really hard to pretend Papa John doesn't exist). I still see "Pizza Papa John's."
  13. And what I don't understand is why it won't continue to be. Short of typical ownership simply wanting more taxpayer money for new stadiums, Angel Stadium has been around for almost a half century. No reason it can't continue to be with regular maintenance.
  14. I don't see why it couldn't work. Portland isn't nearly as large as Seattle, but you've still got a 1+ million media market (which I would imagine also includes the effective twin city of Vancouver, WA). The Blazers, Timbers, even Winterhawks seem to do very well with local support, I don't think a MLB team would be any different. (Especially if they can be immediately successful similar to the Golden Knights).
  15. I remember reading when the D'backs were being established, there was talk of putting them in the AL West so the Angels would be a division rival instead of the Dodgers. Which I guess could have worked fine, but that obviously never happened.