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  1. Completely disagree. They had a few recent years of success, have otherwise been a pretty mediocre franchise.
  2. Which one? Doesn't like any SoCal chains.
  3. The horns. It's LA + a horn. It looks pretty simple to me.
  4. Update it to Patrick watching Netflix and it's still relevant.
  5. American Psycho somehow increasingly represents everyday life with every passing day.
  6. It will probably be the yellow color rush jersey or something similar to it.
  7. That's usually how it is with rumors. Things are never quite as dramatic in reality as rumors lead you to believe. That will never happen. Los Angeles is Rams and Raiders territory. Even if the Chargers won every Super Bowl in the 2020s, all that would do is attract bandwagoners.
  8. So if I literally called my football team "Football Team." but it was created in 1920, it would not be generic? And a name that has zero relevance to the region it's in is better than a name that actually does tie in to the region? (There was a link to the Tennessee Parthenon). I mean you are certainly entitled your opinion but these are some odds ones to have.
  9. Overall, it's not that bad. The colors are correct, the overall look is very familiar, I think it's an okay blend of old and new. From far away, it looks pretty sharp. Up close, there are more issues. Not sure I'm liking the "name tag," and I don't really understand the thin yellow stripe on the road uniform. Naturally people are already calling these the worst uniforms in the league, but I honestly don't feel that way. I'd go as far to say this is almost what I was expecting, and thankfully they didn't go too overboard.
  10. Here's the thing: the Padres have never stuck with one look for more than a decade. They always change the colors, or the template, or something else. Their only consistency is in how inconsistent they've been. Let's see the Padres stick with their latest colors and template for more than a decade.
  11. As long as we are talking about colors, I've never had an issue with any setup. As long as the home team and road team colors aren't too similar to cause confusion, I don't care. I'm fine with color vs. color in baseball. If you want to wear white at home in the NFL and NHL, go right ahead. Rather, where I draw the line is when teams like the Cavs will have something like 20 different uniforms and 20 different color combinations. If you want to do color vs. color, fine. But I think you should be limited to whatever colors are presently in your color scheme. If the Lakers wore blue in the past, fine. I don't want to see it on the court though. Unless it's a deliberate throwback game that is planned in advance. I'm again thinking of when the Cavs milked LeBron as much as possible and pretty much wore any possible uniform combo they could think of.
  12. The one in the trees is good. If you go to the nearby Big Basin Redwood State Park, you'll find banana slugs everywhere. On the ground, trees, eating leaves, etc. So a logo making some kind of reference to that is a good one.
  13. I think the Brewers' new identity is great. But it's more that they've finally picked something. The issue was they couldn't decide if they wanted their 2000s look or their old look. At least now they've picked something that should be around for the foreseeable future. Now if only the Padres could pick something.
  14. Well of course, that's not what I meant. I was wondering more like teams such as Baltimore which never attempted a monogram logo. Maybe they felt it was harder to design a strong monogram (no interlocking letters, for example).