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  1. A lot of monumental sports broadcasts have been lost (Wilt's 100-point game, for example) while many others were thought lost (Super Bowl I, 1960 WS Game 7). You think as late as 1995 there would have been many backups but maybe at the time it was assumed there wouldn't be a huge market for archiving games (since it was still largely the pre-Internet era).
  2. What do those terms mean, though? "Conservative" and "traditional" seem like they could mean the same thing, as do "modern" and "radical."
  3. I wonder how that plays out. I can see many teams having an idea of colors they want, but no idea what the uniforms will look like. As you said, I guess they then assume since Nike are the pros, the uniforms are good. Truly seems to be the case based on what I've seen and read. But if sales of TB merch does well, I wonder if that will change. Maybe other teams will see the power of making everything old new again, and start telling Nike to not do radical changes. I guess time will tell.
  4. I mean, you don't need to disappear. Just understand that social media rarely translates to reality. Especially right now with a lot of people out of work, there's a lot more people screaming and shouting on Twitter. The fact the Rams COO read "mean tweets" while also implying they aren't making any logo changes is because they seem to understand Twitter mobs are a vocal minority.
  5. With all this talk of how Tampa Bay didn't get influenced by Nike, I'm really confused. So, Nike can just dictate what a team's uniforms look like without any oversight? They could have just said to the Bucs, "here's what your new uniforms will look like." The way it gets described here makes it sound like teams somehow have very little say except in rare cases. I must be misunderstanding.
  6. Given the seeming unpopularity of the '14-'19 set, I think that was exactly the point.
  7. No. Twitter never has and never will represent "the general public." Nor do any polls on Instagram, Facebook, MySpace, TikTok or any other social media platform. If something is or isn't popular on Twitter, it means a vocal minority has an opinion on something, and that's it.
  8. Very poor contrast on the pewter set. Seemingly would have been better to go with the wordmark in orange and have the number trim pattern be black-orange-white, like on the red jersey.
  9. And again... A plan is not the same thing as actuality. LA had many viable stadium plans during the 90s and 00s; none of them came to be.
  10. Given they just won the Stanley Cup and have always had a fan base, I'd say they do pretty well.
  11. Yeah, I guess a lot of people still don't understand it's the Rams' stadium. They let the Chargers stay there. It's not a 50-50 ownership, the Rams are the landlord and the Chargers are the tenant. It's different from the setup at Staples (although with the Clippers moving out soon it won't matter).
  12. Which proves IceCap's point, doesn't it? St. Louis didn't offer Kroenke what he wanted.