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  1. People said the same thing about the Red Sox (which I agree with). Didn't stop Nike from giving them a City Connect. The Yanks will have one sooner or later, it's just a question of which season it debuts in.
  2. I like the jerseys. Simple and clean. The comparison to the Dodgers is fair, it's pretty heavily inspired by it, but it works for me. Unlike some of the other jerseys shown off so far, I wouldn't mind seeing these worn fairly often.
  3. I can't stand seeing the Red Sox and White Sox not wear red and white socks, respectively.
  4. I disagree. I actually really like the number font. Obviously number fonts are going to be hit-or-miss, but I think this one works. And it's one less team using the generic MLB font, which personally I don't care much for. I do think seeing these jerseys with the standard Sox wordmark would make them good alts, though.
  5. Well that's the main issue with the City Connect. Fair enough, I don't like it much either. But my issue is more with how they spelled "Southside." It's been a few days and it still just looks off to me.
  6. Maybe they are going for "South Side White Sox," similar to "Golden State Warriors." I don't really like non-city names in general, with a few exceptions. (For example, I hate "Golden State" Warriors.)
  7. Well, isn't "South Side" technically geographic? I'm more bothered by it being just "Southside," which I've never seen until this uniform.
  8. I don't consider a black jersey with pinstripes either "try hard" or "clownish." It's like anything else, it depends how the design is pulled off. Something like what the Yankees proposed back in the 70s, literally just a color reversal, would come off that way because you can't just reverse something and call it a day. You need to make adjustments to account for color balance and what not. It's kind of like when Apple added Dark Mode to macOS. They didn't just reverse the colors, they changed how shadows work, how color highlights work, etc. Because having a dark background totally changes how things look. I think the White Sox actually did a pretty good job with the color balance and pinstripes.
  9. You know, the Dodgers a very long time ago had pinstripes. I'm also expecting some kind of Hollywood tie-in.
  10. This could work, too. Certainly would be a unique color scheme.
  11. If they want to preserve history, they should bring back the Spiders.
  12. I visited the North Slope a few years ago and had some reindeer sausage. Rather hearty meat, but quite tasty. No idea if that would be similar to deer or elk meat, though.
  13. The sleeve numbers are interesting. I don't love or hate them.
  14. To be fair, isn't every single list out there innately going to be based on the author's opinion? Your list would be based on your opinion, for example.
  15. Controversy generates headlines which turns into sales, so yes.
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