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  1. That is statistical significance. Cosmic forces are at play. We still don't understand the how, or the why. Can someone with a lab start testing hypotheses
  2. These look like a laundry accident.
  3. Hey ho, lifelong soccer fan from NYC here. I remember the Cosmos as a kid. MetroStars fan from 1996, but never really loved the (MetroMedia) identity, and when Red Bull bought them that was even worse. But they were the only local option. My kids grew up in NYC playing soccer, and Red Bull was the only (slightly embarrassing) local option. We were at the opening of Red Bull Arena in 2010. Watched awkwardly, disappointed, as Cosmos crashed and burned like Icarus. When NYCFC was announced in 2013 I was overjoyed-- yes it was a foreign, oil-money group (plus the Yankees at 20% lol), but they went all in on NYC identity and reached out to local clubs. Crest and branding was all about NYC, and beautiful to boot. . The club invested in infrastructure by building fields in the underserved communities in the 5 boroughs. I can tell you that a stadium is coming (I work for an engineering/environmental firm with knowledge of the project). Red Bull has mostly focused on northern NJ lately when it comes to their camps, clubs, and events. However, why on earth would Red Bull want to trade in NY for NJ, not in a million years would they do that. I don't blame them. But I am blue through and through. I love that I can jump on the subway to catch a match rather than have to brave the PATH train to NJ. I love the NYCFC fan community, culture, and club!
  4. These things are cyclical. As a Jets fan I can tell you that when they changed in '98 to the retro/classic look, most were ecstatic. The 80s/90s look was seen as cheap-looking, generic, and most of all dank with failure and ineptitude. They even seemed to turn the page on the field, briefly, going to the AFCCG several times in the decade that followed. It wasn't until recently that the 80s look has returned in popularity. It didn't help that they managed, in the last decade, to pile on new chapters of futility haha
  5. Regarding the shade of green, I think we've heard a couple of times that it will be lighter than the current pine green or whatever it's called but darker/deeper than kelly green. Not that any of those nuggets were confirmed, but it does seem to align with the hints we've been seeing. I'm happy with that, I personally think the kelly green was a little too light/bright. Especially in the 90's when it bordered on lighter, grass green.
  6. Count me in as one who believes this is not the primary logo, or at least that it is not on the helmet. Maybe just for tv graphics and merch. I also agree that it is centered, but that the italics make it look off. And if it doesn't look centered, then it may as well not be.
  7. Speaking as a New Yorker, the City flag is everywhere and a lot of people know that the orange represents the Dutch/New Amsterdam origins. NYCFC has done a great job of incorporating the flag on their shirt, the corner flags, etc.
  8. I just really really really hope they avoid the military jet fighter theme. And I think they will.
  9. As a Jets fan, I'd be fine with A and B. But C too? Dammit.
  10. Because it's A. Not much different than the current B. Not very interesting conceptually C. Not well executed technically D. A and B E. B and C F. A and C G. All of the above
  11. Wait, what? I thought a new logo was a key part of the new look.
  12. whereas I am left thinking, anyone but the Patriots!
  13. That's what I'm thinking too. Or even with a sport green face mask.
  14. I saw a tweet from what I would consider a reliable source that said the new helmet is green. Perhaps @Tealcan confirm
  15. (Not sure how to embed a tweet directly) This person has generally been a trustworthy source. Plus, it jives with teal's post about the green color and black alt. New info includes that helmets are green, and the logo includes a football and the word jets.
  16. If the two #1 seeds make it through, as expected, we'll get this, which won't be too bad:
  17. Really? I like it and find it vastly preferable to the lighter green, so I'm relieved. I mean, given that it's Nike and the Jets, I'm still expecting a disaster, but I like that green, and I don't hate the idea of black as an alternate or trim color with that green and white.
  18. @Teal which of these greens matches the new shade most closely? Based on your description I'd guess the jacket, which you can see is not as dark as the logo's green. The lighter brighter shade on the second graphic has been in a lot of marketing /pr stuff, though. Hope this is something you can answer. Blink once for jacket, twice for practice graphic...
  19. Wait... You have seen the new green and the new logo? Can you describe the logo please?
  20. I'm dreading this. I hate the old 80s/90s logo. I am desperately hoping that they retain the lettered logo that he has on his chest, and is on the box.
  21. NYCFC had a black shirt for their clashing kit their first year. However, as a City AND Jets fan I resent your implication