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  1. Ugh, i'm sorry! I didn't even think that it was a bad thing, I was just trying to give you some love on here. Sorry about that.
  2. This one is different than the one shown in the endzone of the 1994 home game. I can include both but another aspect I need from you guys is the year(s) they were used. If I don't have that data, I have to guess and I can already imagine the hatemail I will get if I get that wrong, lol. -- Steve
  3. Actually, the uniforms are the only aspects of the NFL section that I don't handle. The uniforms are done by the very talented Nathan Adams. If you have any concerns or updates of your team's uniforms, you can e-mail him at ***. Keep in mind though, the maroon depicted on the site could very well be the actual Redskins color. The networks bump up the colors for HD broadcasts (especially the green of the fields) so you can't really rely on how the uniforms look there.
  4. Really? Sounds like a tough task! Good luck though. I don't see why not. It looks like the standard/current script with an orange 3D effect added to it--should be easy enough. Once I finish up the original 8 AFL teams, i'll do the other two (Bengals and Dolphins) next.
  5. I love the all red look. Either all read or none at all. So you like them wearing pajamas on an NFL football field?
  6. I guess nobody has it? I can take the modern-day script (with the help of this video as a reference) and rereate this older script in Illustrator. It CAN be done!
  7. I didn't mean to start a flame war. Hehe, but seriously. This situation ironically only really applies to a scant few teams, mainly because most of the teams' helmet logos ARE their primaries. Teams like the Browns, Rams and Bengals don't apply obviously which means the only logos this is an issue for are the Eagles and Vikings. When I get to their respective pages, their helmet logos will be posted in their respective "Alternate Logos" sections. Case closed.
  8. I look at this website (the NFL section included) as a place for historical accuracy. That means a viewer can enter a section or team page and know that every logo they see is official from a historical standpoint. If I were to include every unofficial variation I can think of (or is suggested to me), the lines between what the team actually put out there and randomness would be blurred. Where do I draw the line? Do I include fan created logos too? So in an effort to keep the pages accurate and uncluttered, I am only including logos that are official. You will be able to get your helmet logos as you see above, but they will be ON helmets. This a time-consuming process, but eventually all 32 teams will feature the side-view helmets like the Chargers, Bills, Raiders, Broncos and Patriots currently have. It's just going to be a while before I get to the NFC. So please be patient.
  9. If you can provide visual evidence; either as a photo, web link or a scan of a legitimate example of the Minnesota Vikings using JUST the horns as a stand-alone logo anywhere in web or print? I would be more than happy to put them up as a logo on the Vikings page. Keep in mind that the buttons created as TV graphics by the networks do not count, as many times their graphics departments would just put what was on the helmets in these "buttons".
  10. What white dots? I only circled one area but it's all over the navy and silver part of the logo. It must be something wrong with your monitor or graphics card then because it doesn't look like you circled anything. Those graphics are vector art saved as a GIF. There would be no cause for white dots.
  11. Sure These are just the helmet graphics. should be included on the site none the less. It will be. On the helmets.
  12. Sure These are just the helmet graphics.
  13. Oh, okay. Right away I see that they got the Cowboy home and road unis mixed up. On the site, darks are designated as the home uni (for continuity sake). For accuracy's sake you may have to do some research. In the last 15 years, teams like the Redskins and Dolphins have played with home whites and I know the Chargers had home whites for a few years in the early 80's. Shouldn't be that difficult to switch a few of the uni's for those years i'd imagine.