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  1. Where can I find the images from your “World License Plate redesign” thread? They've all rotted and aren't even available in the Wayback Machine.

  2. This one should be really easy but for some reason, neither Whatthefont or Whatfontis can help me. I know I knew it at one point - might even be in the MS Word bank but I don't have it to check at the moment. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Damn so colourful! Hard to believe there were that many teams, didn't think it would end Nice to see you have an International kit as well. Greta job one everything. Also, is Missino's and actual store? I want to add it to the Tamarian Universe
  4. Hmm seeing another one of your leagues come to a close has slightly giving me the itch to start designing again... Maybe, Just Maybe.... Great work as usual!
  5. Yes yes double shoutout!!! All the kits look sweet. Really love Shelton's Home Kit, really interesting using arrows. I've always felt arrows are an underrated shape. I think the only times arrows were common was like 1998-2003 or so.
  6. am I the only one that thought it should be named Mississauga Huskies and/or at least used purple. Either one would direct positive attention, plus merchandise sales would likely increase with either option. And booting out the CNBL team like the league doesn't exist doesn't quite help Canada look like they take basketball seriously.
  7. i don't hate it, just caught me by surprise. But I like the Teal to Seafoam to Mint colours so I'm all good with it. TuneIn changed their look a while back and opted for a similar change to teal so now all my favourite music apps are in my favourite colours - no complaints.
  8. I might call dibs on this one. Been interested in tackling a World Cup thread again but couldn't think of anything fresh and unique to set it apart from the others
  9. 2 great new teams. I'm glad you kept the Okanagan look from before - the colour scheme was pretty memorable. Salem looks really good too.
  10. That crest is genius. Everything from the "A" and "S" in the shield, to the serpents forming the same letters on the Mariners trident and anchor. Before reading the description, I started picking up on the imagery. It still is clean and straightforward but the subtle touches make is extremely realistic. Great work.
  11. ^ I agree, it should be in some other section. Most of the work is good but when you get 10 bumps of just requests, it gets annoying. Or possibly just message the person taking the requests?
  12. Rude question. All of this is possible because of Chris. A lot of companies and whatnot are named after the founders name so why would you want to take that away from Chris? It was named with his name because it was his site obviously and everyone here knows who Chris Creamer is. So what if people don't know who he is? Those people likely know jack about logos anyway. I don't think that you put much thought into your conclusion of name inclusion being amateur. This is by far the most professionally done site of its kind so there is nothing to compare your views of it being amateur. Try to think of all the companies that include names in them, I guarantee you will find plenty professional ones.
  13. if each side of the jersey had their respective checker pattern sublimated, it would be perfect... or maybe too much.. just on the white kit would be perfect.
  14. Version 2 hands down, but I'd prefer a small bit of purple trim elsewhere.