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  1. This one should be really easy but for some reason, neither Whatthefont or Whatfontis can help me. I know I knew it at one point - might even be in the MS Word bank but I don't have it to check at the moment. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I might call dibs on this one. Been interested in tackling a World Cup thread again but couldn't think of anything fresh and unique to set it apart from the others
  3. ^ I agree, it should be in some other section. Most of the work is good but when you get 10 bumps of just requests, it gets annoying. Or possibly just message the person taking the requests?
  4. Rude question. All of this is possible because of Chris. A lot of companies and whatnot are named after the founders name so why would you want to take that away from Chris? It was named with his name because it was his site obviously and everyone here knows who Chris Creamer is. So what if people don't know who he is? Those people likely know jack about logos anyway. I don't think that you put much thought into your conclusion of name inclusion being amateur. This is by far the most professionally done site of its kind so there is nothing to compare your views of it being amateur. Try to think of all the companies that include names in them, I guarantee you will find plenty professional ones.
  5. Nope. Just click the "Add me as a friend" button on a member's profile. That's all there is to it. I think he's asking if there is any purpose to adding people as friends.... I don't believe there is one, just easy access to people you like/follow.
  6. Glad I'm not the only one who thought about hockey in Africa. I tried it once a few years ago but quickly died out as I wasn't experienced in designing logos at the time. I'd also like to see a proper Canadian Soccer league that follows the traditional promotions. I always feel that Canada gets left out, it's either 5 teams in a big American series or none. I'd also like to see someone tackle the Canadian Basketball league properly. Like actually doing a 25 team league and treat it like its on the same level as the D league or the basketball equivalent of the CHL had Canada been great at producing basketball talent. Great ideas.
  7. hmm, It's still realistic, but much more simplistic and many people like that so that's good in that regard. However, i personally prefer your last template because it was closer in shape to my old template and the shorts were under the shirt so it looked as close as the real thing would on the pitch. Now the only thing I didn't like about your previous template was the lines were very thick and black - although I fixed that for myself - this new one has thinner lines so it looks less cartoony.... sooooo I'm personally mixed about it but I know others will like it.
  8. The more I look at it, I really want a SnapBack of that Japan cap...
  9. echo PaperThin's comment. ​but to comment on the thread, I usually don't care too much for baseball but this is a different approach and I like pretty much anything you do. This is a pretty cool approach and I will be following along. I may not comment too much because I don't know too much on baseball and the old traditions but I'll be keeping my eye open on this thread.
  10. wow, some really nice details, puts my designs to shame
  11. Hmmmm, helmet logo LV seems a bit forced, added another darker shade of gray might help hide it and make the helmet look more natural. And for the sake of continuity, the horse logo would need the same treatment - even if it doesn't need it. It's the top part of the helmet that covers the eyes, it just doesn't seem to flow with the LV and gets lost or something lol I don't know what I'm saying, it's early
  12. Well then..... I was giving this thread a look at the beginning but kind of wandered off because I knew that seeing the whole package at the end would look awesome and it did. It's a shame the Aces only lasted 1 season before being renamed though At first, I was skeptical of your first horse logo, it was good but seemed a little too forced. Now that I see what is now the official logos, they are perfect. Digging the LV in the horse and the star logo with the sword is clever but not too in your face. Jersey's are pretty nice too.
  13. Get one of many free graphic programs like Paint.NET or whatever you prefer and then recolour it yourself.
  14. Bueller? Bueller? But in all seriousness, he responded to you and he's not obligated to do anything for you.
  15. ^^ edit and use the full editor that redirects you to a new page - not just a quick edit - in case you still have trouble.
  16. Welcome to Toronto, where you'll be dodging potholes and a**holes.

  17. I actually do. I may even use it (With your permission) for the sethttp://oi61.tinypic.com/27x3tdk.jpg Sorry, but you didn't design that. You put an SF on the forehead of the San Francisco Bulls existing logo. Um i actually took over 2 days to retrace by the tools not the trace bitmap, Color, find a good font for the SF logo and put it all together neatly.So yes I did design it. I just used it as a base Retracing an existing logo is not "designing" it. You did not create it yourself. Plus, it still doesn't really look like you re-traced anything at all.
  18. Hey Ren, I was wondering if you would be able to fix this one up for me please. I realize is is very small, but its the largest I can find. I've also been trying to re-draw this one but I'm just so slow and bad with redrawing it, was wondering if it may be easier for you to take a stab at. (note: obviously omit the background in the image) If you can't, no worries, thanks.
  19. Glad to see you back, nice work on the Cubs, but I will echo what I said last year about same colour shorts - especially the same template. Sure blue shorts work on the white kits but why not have another colour shorts for either jersey? just a thought.
  20. Not bad, I would like to see the white one completely white with the rainbow part continued to the other side - just to mix things up a bit. Also, the white bit on the Home kits is bugging me due to its size being much greater than the rainbow part. All in all, very nice first post, interested to see more from you.
  21. Great update, kits lool a lot more realistic now
  22. . Thanks. I must have over written my Helvetica file because it is slightly different when I checked it prior to testing others. It definitively is in that family though, I'll keep looking around. I do feel kinda stupid now lmfao. I have looked a little more and it appears to be Neue Helvetica 57 Condensed. Too bad I don't have $30 to spend on personal use Guess I will just have to stretch the normal Helvetica.
  23. I'm stumped on these. Maybe its because we have always had miss-matching fonts and signs but I cant find a font that is exact. From what I gather so far Gerrard = Clearview (with a tighter kerning?) Sweeney = Roadway (with the lower case situated on the bottom rather than top) Green Bush = Appears to be a tighter/condensed version of Roadway Parkhurst = Appears to be a slightly bolder Roadway with very tight kerning. (btw the "E" is similar to the one in "SWEENEY RD") Weston = Appears to be a stretched and thin Roadway Lower Jarvis = Appears to be another Roadway but thin and stretched similar to "WESTON RD" Coronation = Haven't bothered searching yet, should be a little easier to find though. Sarah Burke = The "R" and "E" is what is throwing me off. I'm pretty sure this is the typical font used for the rural areas on Ontario but I can't find an exact font. Any help or confirmation would be appreciated. Thanks. btw, very jealous of that guys collection of street signs. It's a real pain to acquire them now since they auction off anywhere from $100 to $500 a piece.
  24. That's what I like to see, brilliant soccerification to that logo!! Not too big on the jerseys though, I tend to not like 2 shorts of the same colour. Also with Orange and Black, there's a lot you can do with it. I'd like to see some hoops somewhere. The jerseys you made just seem too much of a practice jersey.
  25. I really like this, everything is executed very well. I hope grey isn't going to be a thing though. Did you experiment with filling in the inner circle? You could include the year of small icons to make it more soccer-esque, but it's not necessary. The negative space is unique in its own right.
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