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  1. Good luck, you've done well on the main logo so just keep at it.
  2. Try to modernize the horned "B"
  3. The eyes look out of place, try yellow or red instead of white.
  4. Don't forget the almost unreadable number on the back
  5. The only thing I would change would be a darker green
  6. Littlem27

    Quebec Nordiques

    I like the ruote you are going and I think that maybe its a good thing you kept the red out. It might've made it look too close to Columbus.
  7. If you add just a touch of white to contrast the red and yellow I think you'll have a perfect concept.
  8. Not bad but too close to the 49ers colors.
  9. Nice job, might I suggest placing the spoked b logo on the shoulder and a number on the front, ala Kingston, for a fauxback design, it does look good
  10. Great work, I think Tampa would look better in blue and green rather than black and green.
  11. Also I like that you brought back the flaming horse. A logo many love to hate, but I think it looks great
  12. This is good, I wonder what a chief wahoo logo recolour would do?
  13. I agree with big bubba and also I would add the stick and puck to the right hand side of the logo
  14. Littlem27

    CFL 2012

    Love to see the stamps go full retro too
  15. I think that the Vegas gold would look good as the main color on that jersey with black sleves
  16. Mississauga will also be wearing one, pics should be easy to come by, the game will be televised on sportsnet
  17. I think that this is a great start. The logo on the home and road could be swapped with maybe a recolored cannon logo. Also the third looks too promo night. Like the Kingston Frontenacs don cherry sweater.
  18. C'mon I can't believe that Geno Reda was not mentioned yet Now this is a 'stashe
  19. I know its early in the season but are they that embarrassed over their start that they need a disguise lol, but seriously it's a great idea for a good cause.
  20. I would LOVE to see team Canada bring out a white version
  21. I think that the black jersey update is good but the white jersey was more of a downgrade
  22. A good idea to get around the name problem, name the team the Raliegh Rays. Raliegh being in N Carolina
  23. To add to TimEOBrien's comments, ditch the black road jersey and add a yellow road jersey