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  1. Looks like the field held up well despite rain the day before ....crazy if it would have looked like the SB IV field at the end of the game LOL but then again the field is much manageable the grass turf they have to make adjustments for sure but yeah they got to go retro (AFC /NFC Helmets) next year someone has to tell that old fart who doses those to fix it!!!
  2. It the helmets were bigger it would have been PERFECT!!! why they made them smaller is a joke
  3. The last Field of the Classic Superbowl template era
  4. ICYMI paint team colored lines on ā€˜20ā€™sā€™ red/white/blue line on 50 Outline numbers in team colors have been missing is there a committee or some one to address these issues the biggest game with so much money spent and and a playing field that should show the spectacle of sport but yeah probably the best field since SB 50
  5. I agree the last SB fields have looked off even the single team logos make the end zones look like :censored: The Pats/ Panthers SB had the helmets but were small AF
  6. At least they didn't skimp on the paint Chiefs endzone could have used a bit more yellow
  7. Has anyone notice the terrible paint jobs on the last couple of SB field its like they skim so so much on the paint..... Notice that old Turf on SB the fields looked great....but the jobs on those new gassy turf looks atrocious yuck!!! There should be ground rules 1. Conference Logo on end zone with or with or with out Helmet 2. Home Team gets the dark color end zone 3. NFL Logo on 50 and SB logos on 25 Yard line
  8. Can you do a Tim Duncan one but with him cradleing the ball.
  9. Any reason why they were not on the courts during this postseason? I heard because they players slip on them I know thay had the LOB at mid court at one time....can anyone confrim?
  10. Spurs Logo 1970's Black and silver 1988 logo added Fiesta Colors teal pink orange....colors were on the warm ups till 1997 Black and Sliver on jerseys only 2003 Logo back to black and silver
  11. Can you do a San Antonio Spurs One Central Division Champions 1978 1979 Midwest " " 1981 1982 1983 1990 1991 1995 1996 1999 2001 2002 2003 Southwest " " 2005 2006 2009 2011 2012 2013 2014 Western Conf Champions 1999 2003 2005 2007 2013 2014 NBA Champions 1999 2003 2005 2007 2014 Thanks
  12. Cant wait to see the Cowboys one.....I really miss these types of end zones.....they made the field stand out in the Super Bowl .........any reason why the No Fun Leauge got away from this?
  13. Nice Thanks a Bunch!!!