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  1. Michigan's gear ended up getting to D.C. last night.
  2. John Beilein said that the jerseys are still stuck on the plane as part of the investigation. He said they will have to wear the practices uniforms for the rest of the tournament. Michigan will flip the jersey inside out and wear all blue practice uniforms tomorrow.
  3. Michigan is unveiling their new uniforms on the September 30. The image in the Facebook post makes it look like they are going back to the Fab Five uniforms. Hopefully they stay true to them and don't screw it up somehow.
  4. On the website it said the three campuses thing also represents Ann Arbor, Dearborn, and Flint. Strange, considering Dearborn has their own NAIA sports teams. Cleats:
  5. No, you are right. It is pretty close, but the bar on the 5 is a bit higher. I'm not sure why they would have done this. Other than the bar on the top of the 4, I'm pretty happy with the font.
  6. Brand website. Jordan stuff still to come. http://www.gobluehailmichigan.com/
  7. What will be interesting is that someday the Cavs will probably celebrate this championship by wearing black sleeve throwbacks.
  8. The picture that I posted was a bit deceiving. The socks have 3 stripes instead of 2. My bad.
  9. This is pretty small, but still kind of interesting. It looks like Michigan is beginning to Photoshop the Adidas logo off their jersey.
  10. Some of the Tigers players are wearing pink socks and Ian Kinsler is wearing the normal navy socks. If they are going to do this, then it should at least be consistent.
  11. The Red Wings announced that the new arena will be called Little Caesars Arena. I would have preferred a non corporate name, but I get that it is 2016 and that was never going to happen. Can't say I am a fan of the new arena logo:
  12. It looks like the March Madness logo is just for the first two rounds. The Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight games will have a different regional logo.
  13. The Pistons posted this earlier. The bottom pretty much confirms that the new logo is what everyone thinks it is.
  14. Thanks guys! It took a long time, but I am glad I finished it. I'm sure I'll have some more concepts posted some day. I'm just not sure when that will be or what I'll do. Anyway, thanks again for following.
  15. Well its the last one. Thanks to everyone that has commented. It's been a lot of fun. New York Yankees The Yankees uniforms are prefect and there is not much that can improve them. The home alternate is a cream version of the throwbacks from last year and the road uniform is simply a blue version of the road jersey. Not much else to say about it.
  16. Baltimore Orioles The Orioles have a pretty good set, but I have a few small changes. The home and road stay the same because they look pretty good. On the orange jersey I added a white piping on the sleeve and I added white to the black jersey. The O's cap is gone because I feel it's not needed and the bird hat is much better.
  17. I'd say 95% of everyone here disagrees with you. Just look at Tulane. I think it compliments nicely. Like dsaline said, Tulane looks great with it.
  18. Tampa Bay Rays Update Changed the vest jersey into a light blue one.
  19. Sounds like it will work. The Rays will be updated tomorrow. For now, here is a Blue Jay update. Toronto Blue Jays Update Made the white panel hat the primary home hat.
  20. This was something I was worried about with the entire set. I always thought the vest looked nice and I want it to return, but if people don’t like it because of its history then I will have to change it.
  21. Tampa Bay Rays The Rays should have never gotten rid of green. It was a really good color scheme for them. I returned to green and kept the light blue because I think it compliments it nicely. In an attempt to make the uniforms a little less plain, I returned to the old double piping and a vest jersey that I always liked for the Rays. I didn’t think a light blue brim would look good on a green dominated set so I went with another green hat, but with the sun ray logo.
  22. I thought about doing that. The only thing I was worried about was the Orioles are in the same division and have a white panel hat. I didn't want them to be too similar. But honestly, that wouldn't matter with the huge color differential they have. And c'mon, this is nostalgia at its finest right here.. Haha, well that's true. I could change it. I am curious to know how others feel about it.
  23. I thought about doing that. The only thing I was worried about was the Orioles are in the same division and have a white panel hat. I didn't want them to be too similar.