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  1. I don't think it sounds nit-picky. I did try that before and it just didn't look right to me. I think it was because even when the Angels were wearing blue, the A or CA was always red on the hat and the primary logo. I tried to work a red alternate in because I knew some people would want it to stay. The problem was I wasn't sure if it really fit with the rest of the blue dominated set. It kind of reminded me of how out of place the Rangers red alternate looks to me. As for the red hat, I don't know. I've always liked the Angels with blue hats and socks and really wanted to make it work. If people prefer the red then I guess I'll fix it. I also just noticed that I skipped the Astros. My bad, I guess I'm just not used to the division change yet.
  2. Well sorry for the delay, but I'm back! Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim The Angels need to go back to blue hats and socks. I know a lot of teams use navy or whatever, but I really like the old California Angels uniform from Angels in the Outfield. I based the uniforms around those with the current piping. I took the sleeve patches off because they currently have that A in too many places. The first blue alternate is based off this, which I think was a great look.
  3. Time for the American Leauge! Seattle Mariners The Mariners look right now is pretty perfect for a team from Seattle. In my opinion, navy and teal/Northwest green is a better look than the blue and gold. All I did was a few simple changes. I made the teal billed hat for both home uniforms. Also, I changed the navy alternate to say "Seattle" and added piping to match the rest of the uniforms.
  4. I don't know, it just never looked right to me. I've always preferred the numbers to be even.
  5. Last team for the National League! Washington Nationals The Nationals don't have a bad look, but I feel that it could be much better. I think it starts with putting their Nationals script on the home jersey. The main site has it listed as a current logo so it fit the guidelines. The road is fine and I left that alone. I thought about blue socks, but decided the red looked fine. I don't like how the numbers are lower than the logo on the real red jersey. I fixed that up and kept the rest the same. I switched the blue jersey to a normal DC without the flag in it and did the same thing with the numbers.
  6. Thanks guys! I agree that the Braves should do this. I know I'm not the first to make the blue jersey like this, but I think it looks much better than the one they have now.
  7. When you say regular do you mean the solid blue hat they have now or the red billed hat? The red A hat was going to just go with the road alternate, with the red billed hat on the road, but I changed it because I thought it fit. It's something I could go either way with, but I do like it more than the solid blue hat.
  8. Atlanta Braves The Braves have a great look, but they can use a few changes. The home is perfect and I left that alone. I changed the road hat to a hat with a red A like the batting practice hat. I just really like that hat and think it looks good with the road uniform. The red jersey was kept instead of the cream alternate. The red jersey is just a good look in my opinion. I fid replace the tomahawk A hat with the normal home hat. The blue jersey is where I made the most changes. I changed the script to red and added piping.
  9. Philadelphia Phillies Update Fixed the road alternate.
  10. Two quick updates tonight. Miami Marlins Update Made it so you can see the logos and changed the hats on the home and road alternate.
  11. Sorry guys, but another without much change. This division just looks pretty good. Philadelphia Phillies The home, road, and alternate jerseys are pretty much perfect for the Phillies. There is not much to change about those three. With the home alternate using a blue hat and the Phillies not using much blue elsewhere, I wanted to work some blue into the road alternate. I went with blue script, blue number, and blue piping. I think people will say the script should be white, but I took a chance.
  12. DAMN this makes the Rockies look good. You've fixed literally everything I've disliked about the current uniforms: Got rid of all the unnecessary black Switched to the purple hat (can you believe the purple hat's been worn only about 5 times in the last 10 years?) Added some piping to the purple jersey Got rid of the white pinstripes Switched to purple undershirt. Absolutely fantastic job. 10/10. Thanks guys!
  13. So instead of a Marlins update, I'm going to post the Mets New York Mets Not much to say. The Mets pretty much made their uniforms perfect when they got rid of the black. I changed the pinstripe uniform back to white instead of cream. Rather than have two blue jerseys, I kept the solid whites as a home alternate. The road alternate is where I changed it up a bit. I really don't like their current road alternates. I get why they did it, but the gray wordmark looks bad. So, it was changed to orange and white like the other blue jersey. The orange bill hat was kept, but the white outline that people seem to hate was removed.
  14. These are things that can be changed pretty easily. I should have an update up by tomorrow. Thanks! Thanks for the feedback. The thick outline came from when I recolored the wordmarks. I didn't want to change the logo too much and thats why it stayed. I don't think it looks bad, but it does look good your way too. I never liked the teal socks and I don't really know why. It seems like a lot of people like them, but they never looked right to me.
  15. Here is a better look at the logo
  16. Time for the NL East Miami Marlins The Marlins current uniforms are a mess. All of the colors make the uniforms and logos look bad. In my opinion, teal and black were good colors for them and it fits their history. I simplified the logos by only using teal, black, and a sliver outline (which is really hard to see on that background, sorry). I based the uniforms around their old road uniforms, but I went with two stripes instead of three. The Marlins script was also placed on the home jersey. I know some may say that there is too much black, but I think it is a nice balance. The black hat can go with the black jersey too. I just used the teal as a way to see another look. This is kind of what I thought the Marlins were going to do when they moved. Instead of a complete overhaul, it is more of an update of their previous set.
  17. Cardinals Update New road alternate based on the old batting practice jerseys.
  18. Sure, I think it might be too much red, but it's another option.
  19. Red STL on the chest with the Sunday home cap? (like the Giants) I think you mean another gray jersey, but I did make this one based off their old bp jerseys. Any thoughts on that?
  20. Thanks guys! I'm kind of lost about what I should do with the Cardinals road alternate. I kind of thought the red was going to work, but people didn't really like it. Anyone have any ideas for a road alternate other than scraping it?
  21. Cubs Update Front numbers on the road and road alternate where changed to match the script. Piping was added to the sleeves of the home alternate and the NL patches on the blue jerseys (which I now realize I put on the wrong sleeve) have been changed to the primary and walking cub logos.
  22. I really thought I would get rid of the black when started this. I personally really liked the Ken Griffey era vest with the black sleeves, but I knew that if I added more black, most people would probably hate it. When I decided to go with the wishbone C I noticed that it just looked too plain without an outline. That is really why I kept it. Besides it not being a current logo, the fact that it is called the "Cuba" script kind of shows that it's not a great logo. Plus, I just don't really like it on the Cubs. The vests are something I thought about. Like I said, I used to like the Ken Griffey era vest for whatever reason. They always could be added in an update. I always thought the general opinion on that Reds script was that people didn't like it. I don't really mind it on the BP personally. And since you are the second person to ask and Miami is coming up quick, teal is one of their colors.
  23. Last one before I start posting some updates Cincinnati Reds I think some may not like this, but I took a chance. The insperation behind this one was from this picture. I think the C is strong enough to be on its own and give it a classic clean feel. Basically, I swapped out the primary with the plain wishbone C...and I kept black. I know people hate it, but I think black can be used with the Reds as long as it's only an accent color. Instead of being Red-Black-White, I think it works as Red-White-Black. I think the number font goes with the logos, so I kept it. The Reds have a history of a white hat (I know it had pinstripes) and If any team was going to have white hats, I think it would be the Reds.
  24. First off, thanks for your comments. There are some good ideas in there. As I said on the first post, my goal with this series was to use the current logos that teams have and use them in a way that looks good. I did allow myself to recolor though. The reversed numbers were going off of what the Cubs do now, but you're not the first to say that so I'll probably fix it. Piping on the home alt sounds like a good idea. It would make it less plain. I always thought the league patch was kind of unique and that why I left it. I wasn't sure how others felt about it.
  25. Interesting. I kind of made that with the batting practice jersey in mind. It looks like I'll have to think of something else. I don't know. It's based off the unifoms from 1951, so I think it kind of fits the old school uniform. Maybe I'm wrong.