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  1. St. Louis Cardinals This is one that I don't know how people will feel about. The home uniform stays the same. In a move that a lot do, the St. Louis script is placed on the road. The road hat stays red. I've seen mix feelings about it and it's something I could have gone either way with. With the St. Louis script on the road, the Cardinal one can now be place on the cream uniform. A new blue and red bill hat is introduced, making the cream jersey a truer throwback to this. Red road alternate also uses the new blue and red hat.
  2. I have to disagree. I think certain teams look good in vest. The team was bad when the Pirates brought them back a few years ago, but they did win a World Series in vest. I also associate Roberto Clemente, one of, if not the best, Pirates of all time with the vest uniform.
  3. Milwaukee Brewers The easy thing to do here would have been to replace the logo with the ball in glove and call it a day. I wanted to do that because its one of my favorite logos, but I think that their current logos are actually pretty perfect for a team named the Brewers. They just give off that beer and brewery feel. I just think that the gold they use now makes the uniform a little dull. I changed it to more of the gold they used to use to brighten it up a bit, while still keeping the navy. Everything else stays the same and a new hat is added that is based on this one.
  4. Thanks everyone! The Brewers should be up in a bit. Yeah, I understand where you are coming from. The hat issue was something I tried to avoid, but with some teams it had to be like that. I know the rules do give it a NFL feel, but it is just how I wanted to do this series. Personally, I feel the Diamondbacks script is just too long and just doesn't work on the jersey. The D-Backs script just isn't good and thats why I went with the A. Thanks! The Tigers are my team too so I made sure to make them look good.
  5. Thanks! The yellow jersey is something I considered and something that could be put in. I will say that up to these last few I was getting good feedback, which was nice. Hopefully it gets back on track, but thanks!
  6. Before I post the next one, I'd like to bumb this up so I can get some feedback. I haven't gotten any for the last three and that's a little disappointing.
  7. Okay, well I should be posting on a more regular baisis now, so hopefully that leads to more responses. Pittsburgh Pirates I've always thought that the Pirates are one of those teams that should be wearing vest. They have a history of it and it is just a good look for the team. Basically, it's a return to what they were wearing before the latest update and with no pinstripe uniform. The alternates are a button down version of their new alternate, with more of a gold than mustered and a black version as a road alternate. Logo changed to eliminate red. I know its been done before but it still looks better than what they have.
  8. Okay, well next up Chicago Cubs The home jersey is one of the best in baseball. That and the home alternate went untouched. With the road and road alternate, I incorporated red and added some piping. No real reason behind it, I just like the way it looks. I thought about useing navy blue for the road alternate, but it just didn't look like the Cubs. Red billed hat, which was great, returns for the road jerseys.
  9. Thanks guys! I'm working on getting these out quicker. I've been pretty busy lately and that's the reason there is so much time in between post. Diamondbacks Update Piping added to the home and red jerseys to help fill some space on the front.
  10. Rockies Update Wordmark on the road was changed to all purple with a white outline. It may look different then the rest, but it was the only way to make it look good and readable. Everything else was unchanged.
  11. I didn't really know if people liked the SF on the road uniform. I like having the wordmark on the gray, but it could work on the black jersey. Hopefully some updates will be soon. Thanks everyone.
  12. San Francisco Giants Well I'm back with the Giants. Basically, the gold drop shadow was dropped from the home and road wordmarks and the sleeve patch on the home was changed to the circle logo because I felt the other one was kind of bulky. New orange jersey uses cream more to give it some more color. A new black jersey is added with an orange wordmark, instead of the black one with an orange outline. Stripes on socks are also now mandatory. Orange billed hat to be worn with alternates or Sundays or whatever.
  13. Thanks! I use Photoshop for my concepts. OK good. Do you have the non player template that you could send to me? I think it was this one that TimEOBrien made, which I am thankful for as well. I found it in the .PSD thread.
  14. Thanks! I use Photoshop for my concepts.
  15. The only problem with your suggestions is that it goes against the uniform it is based on. So, I would say that the hat does go with the powder blue jersey. I also think that white socks look bad with a baseball uniform. I think there has to be some color after the pants.
  16. I'll posted updates once I finish the division. As a note, the hats are interchangeable. I just pair them with what I feel they would mostly go with. Los Angeles Dodgers Next up is the Dodgers. I think the home and road uniforms are perfect. So perfect that I didn't change a thing with them. The alternates were where I let myself have some fun with a traditional team. The home alternate is based on the Brooklyn throwbacks they wore a few years ago. In basically an update of that, I changed the wordmark to the Dodgers logo instead of the Brooklyn one, updated the font, added a NOB, and made the pants white. I feel it is a modern twist on a throwback. The road alternate is pretty self-explanatory. The gray bill hat is an update of a hat that I felt could worked for the team if the logo was white and the hat wasn't paired with that uniform.
  17. It's funny you say that because about a half hour before I posted that concept I had this ready to go. Originally I had that piping on all of the jerseys. I really didn't like it on the road uniforms because I think it cluttered it up too much and that may have influenced me to take it off the home. I am curious to know if people like it on the home uniform because it is something I thought about. I'm glad that people like the basic idea of it though. Yep, I set a rule that teams have to and can only have two hat each. It was done to limit the amount of hats some teams have and to make me think outside the box for some of the more classic teams. Thanks guys. Depending on how the rest of the day is, I may have the Dodgers up tonight.
  18. Arizona Diamondbacks I do plan on fixing the other concepts, but first the Diamondbacks. I was going to post this earlier, but decided to redo it first. I'm not sure how people will feel about this one. The current set for the Diamondbacks isn't great. The D-Backs script just doesn't work. I do think that the black set is by far the best of the bunch and decided to base the set off that. The Diamondbacks have previously worn the A logo on the front and it looked pretty good IMO. In a move that may not be too popular, I kept the colors red, black, and sand. It's a fitting scheme for a team in the desert. The hats now have the A logo instead of the D snake logo. The D is a great idea but it doesn't look as good on a hat as the A does. The new black hat is the same as the new spring training hat, which looks great and adds a little more color to the new black set.
  19. Yellow jerseys almost never look good with grey pants. In nearly every case it looks better to use the lighter color as a home alternate and the darker color for the road alt. I really like this set. On the road alternate, I would drop all of the white outlines. The white bleeds into the yellow badly and makes it look cluttered IMO. Yeah, that's what I think too. For my concepts, the darker color is almost always the road alternate. I think that brown almost has to be the color of the road alternate with this color set. I was trying to keep the same look as the other uniforms and that is why there is a white outline. If people think it doesn't work then that is something that can be changed. I wouldn't want to make it too different from the rest of the set though. But yeah, I see your point.
  20. Yeah, that would look nice, but not too many players still wear stirrups. I wanted to go for a realistic approach to what socks the players would wear.
  21. Again, good points. With brown not being a real "exciting" color, I was hoping that the piping and logo gave it enough color. I don't know if yellow socks is the answer because I think it might contrast too much with the gray pants. Maybe there is something else that can be done. I really appreciate the feedback though. I like hearing what other people think.
  22. San Diego Padres Next up is the Padres. I decided to go back to brown and gold. It may be the easy thing to do, but I think it's what they need. I don't think the current set is as bad as most people say, but when you've worn things like this and this, you can afford to be different then everyone else. I realize it is not the 70's anymore and things like that would not work today. I found my inspiration for this concept in what they wore in 1974. It is traditional enough, while still being able to work today. The stripes on the sleeves are a bit thinker to mimic the originals. A gold bill hat for home games and an all brown replaces the "Taco Bell" hat. I felt that it made the set fit more in today's game. Friar now on all uniforms.
  23. Yeah, that was something I was worried about when I was making this. I felt that the inside being purple made it too different from the other logos and it being gray made it blend in too much. It is something I'll look into when I go back and make changes. Thanks to everyone so far though.
  24. Colorado Rockies First up, the Colorado Rockies. Being the only purple team in the MLB, I think the Rockies should embrace the color and ditch the black. With this concept I wanted to use purple and a sliver color with white being an accent. Unfortunately, that means the team has two purple jerseys with one using white and the other silver. I did not want to start with that, but that's just how it worked out with the records. I did not think a vest really fit in with the rest of the set so that's just how it is. Went with solid over pinstripe because it looked better with the purple. Alternate hat has a gray bill and button to be used with the purple uniforms. Logos changed to reflect new colors.
  25. A concept series that I have been working on for some time now. With today being opening day, I feel it's a good day to start posting. The MLB currently has a lot of good looks, but there are also some bad ones. I also wanted to challenge myself a bit and think outside the box on a few teams. Also, in order to have something different for some of the classic teams and to cut down on others, the following rules are being implemented for all teams: * Every team is required and restricted to 4 uniforms only. * Each team will have a home (white), a road (gray), a home alternate, and a road alternate. * The home alternate can be white, cream, or a color, but the road alternate must be a color other than gray, white, or cream. * Every team is also required and restricted to 2 hats only. * I am allowed to recolor any logo I see fit, but can only use logos currently used by the team. I hope you will follow my series. Most teams are finished so they will all be posted by division and by order of worse record to best record. Because of it being the older league, I will start in the NL with the West division. Big thanks to jayjackson3 and TimEOBrien for their templates. Index National League NL West: San Francisco Giants, Los Angeles Dodgers, Arizonia Diamondbacks (Update), San Diego Padres, Colorado Rockies (Update) NL Central: Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals (Update), Milwaukee Brewers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Chicago Cubs (Update) NL East: Washington National, Atlanta Braves, Philadelphia Phillies (Update), New York Mets, Miami Marlins (Update) American League AL West: Oakland Athletics, Texas Rangers, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (Update), Seattle Mariners, Houston Astros AL Central: Detroit Tigers, Chicago White Sox, Kansas City Royals, Cleveland Indians, Minnesota Twins AL East: New York Yankees, Baltimore Orioles, Tampa Bay Rays (Update), Toronto Blue Jays (Update), Boston Red Sox (Update)