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  1. That's what I was thinking. Something like Marquette's maybe. I agree though, the game is pretty hard to watch.
  2. Michigan State and UConn look way too similar. Not sure why Nike didn't make one of the teams a different color.
  3. It was part of the unviel of the new mascot.
  4. Did the MLB 13 video say the BP jerseys were going to be worn on Sundays?
  5. This. Jim can be loyal all he wants, but there is no way he can justify putting Valverde back out tomorrow. 7 runs in two playoff games is a joke.
  6. Detroit can now exhale. Ugly, but a win is a win. Three more!
  7. Valverde can be Mr. Anti-October.
  8. That's it. Valverde doesn't pitch another game. Done.
  9. I know he hit a few last year, but still, Delmon Young? I don't think too many people would have guessed that.
  10. I would have never guessed that Delmon Young is the Tigers' franchise leader in postseason homeruns. That kind of shocks me.
  11. I hate Jose Valverde. Can't wait for him to be gone.
  12. These colors would have looked better. Michigan's are more highlighter then maize and they don't really go with the uniform.
  13. Full Michigan set: And then there is this... They're um... bright.
  14. For what its worth, Doug Fister was still wearing the same dirty hat he has worn all year, but with a postseason patch slaped on the side.
  15. Excuse me if this has been posted already. The other day Michigan posted these photos on Facebook from picture day It is hard to see, but I think the fade is blue on one side and maize on the other. I'll have to see the rest, but that different color fade is going to bug me. EDIT: Just saw the thread on these. My bad.
  16. It looks like all of Michigan's road jerseys are finally tusk free. Big improvement. I'm also glad Adidas didn't do one offs for this game. It looks much better this way. Edit: After seeing the uniform a little more, I actually really like this for Michigan. Removing the tusk really improved the uniform. Good job Adidas!
  17. Yes, this is what they are doing. To be fair, the banners are on the other side of the stadium from the NFL championship ones. I don't know, I just don't think the playoff years are needed. It feels like they just wanted something recent and that's all they could get. Had the banners been up for years and they added 2011, I guess it would be fine. It just feels pointless. As Jim Schwartz said last year, "There will come a time when we don't celebrate making the playoffs".
  18. The Lions today put up banners for their NFL championships and divisional championships. Each banner has the logo of the team and of the NFC that was used at the time. They look good and I like that they used the old logos, but then you get this: Hanging a banner for just making the playoffs is lame to me. I mean they lost in the first round last year. Last year was great, but it is not really worth a banner. I do think grouped by logo was a cool way to do it though.
  19. The yellow on the facemask reminds me of a duck bill. Genius if that's what they were going for.
  20. Numbers on Michigans helmets. Unless it's just for this game, I guess they are using them again this year. It just doesn't look like Michigan. They're not the worst uniform ever, but it doesn't look right.
  21. They'd look better in purple pants or even black. Agreed. The purple pants and white jersey is a great look.
  22. Northwestern's new uniforms look good in game action. I just wish that stripe was on the side panels and went all the way around. It's good to see that most players are wearing the sleeves though. And Ohio's matte green helmet looks great.
  23. Go Blueberry pretty much writes itself for Michigan. Should of gone for that instead of strawberry. Missed opportunity. Although, I do like strawberry more than blueberry so I guess it works out for me.