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  1. It was more the manufacturers who pushed that rhetoric than FIFA. I think the supporter backlash towards the manufacturers, especially when certain countries seemed to be exempt from this "rule", turned their opinions back to more traditional looks.
  2. Yeah I can see that on this image. Ok fair enough. Did you ever consider matching the striping pattern of the third on the home (white with red stripe down the middle) over just the watermark?
  3. If I may ask, what was different between your design and the final product (as you said it didn't turn out as intended)?
  4. Arsenals version of the diamonds is unique. It has the "A Device" (the A that is featured in the triangle on the back) within the diamond lines and does not have the horizontal lines in it like the rest. For comparison:
  5. That appears to be the coat of arms of Australia. Yep it is a monochrome version of the coat of arms which usually looks like this:
  6. These have been available for a few years here in Australia (New South Wales specifically): National Rugby League personalised number plates They are able to be completely personalised so you can have any of the following letter and number combination styles (cost depends on what style letter number combination you choose): All letters (must be 6 letters): A$250 order fee, A$440 annual fee (e.g. AAAAAA) Letter and number combinations in the following formats A$250 order fee, A$99 annual fee (again must be total of 6 characters): 999AAA, AAA999, AAA99A, AA9999, 99AAAA
  7. It is a 100% fake. Here is the home concept
  8. Yep - they look to be made with one of the more popular Photoshop templates folk use to make kit graphics for Football Manager. They are, I have used that template for a few years so can spot it miles away.
  9. They are just photoshop designs, doubt if any (and definitely not the 3rd) will exist.
  10. A-League All-Stars kit for match against Manchester United
  11. Looking at pictures of Newtown Pride, it would seem that their home ensemble consists of dark green shirts with white shorts, so the Cosmos wouldn't be able to go with their full green away kit in this game. Then why not the blue alternative kits? That is a much better solution then just wearing random black shorts. I actually think the shorts are a dark green not black.
  12. The above isn't even a photo, it is a digital (probably photoshop) mockup.
  13. We Australians aren't much for fighting in sport.....*shifty eyes*