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  1. It was more the manufacturers who pushed that rhetoric than FIFA. I think the supporter backlash towards the manufacturers, especially when certain countries seemed to be exempt from this "rule", turned their opinions back to more traditional looks.
  2. Yeah I can see that on this image. Ok fair enough. Did you ever consider matching the striping pattern of the third on the home (white with red stripe down the middle) over just the watermark?
  3. If I may ask, what was different between your design and the final product (as you said it didn't turn out as intended)?
  4. I paused it basically frame by frame and couldn't see jerseys for the Jags, Dolphins, or Vikings. They must have conveniently left them out. Yep, only 29 different jerseys, took a couple of plays to get an accurate count (jets and rams both appear in two spots) but the three to be released as expected are not there.
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