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  1. I'm from San Diego, grew up in Chula Vista. since the mid-80s: MLB - San Diego Padres NFL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (though I find myself getting more emotional this year for the Chargers than the Bucs) MISL - San Diego Sockers (the original NASL/MISL version and not the crap team that existed before the last fold) IHL/WCHL/ECHL - San Diego Gulls (couldn't convince myself to follow them to Long Beach, so I loved the WCHL/ECHL reincarnation too) MLS - Los Angeles Galaxy English Football - Norwich City FC Grew up a Sacramento Kings fan but dropped them a few years ago. I've been following the Celtics and liked them since I was a kid but now that they're having a great year I'm hesitant to call them a favorite. Especially since I have never been much of a basketball fan. Love watching Hockey live and my wife is a casual Flames fan but there really isn't any team that's found a place in my heart yet. I like Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa but I don't yet live and die for any of them yet. I do know I can't stand Detroit, Montreal, Edmonton, either New York team or either SoCal team so I'm off to an interesting start.
  2. Scully and Porter in the NL. No I don't like the Dodgers but they had two of the best men I've ever heard. Getting them together again for the NLCS sometime would be awesome. Then again the NL has some great voices. Hamilton, Coleman, Miller, Ueker, etc. For the AL...who could we get?
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