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  1. I'm still a little shocked as to why they shun the great 1969 uniforms or the uniforms of my own youth (1985-1990) but SHRUG. The team will likely play more like their 1969 selves than 78 or 84 anyways so it really doesn't matter. Now they'll just have as many uniforms as the University of Oregon. Nice.
  2. Yeah no kidding. Rivers forgets to look at the play clock, forgets how to check down and then Norv goes for two field goals inside the ten AND calls a run up the gut on 4th and 2 with seconds left. Enter Ray Lewis. Game. Over. That hurt. Thank God we have Miami next week. We'll need it before facing a TOUGH Steelers team.
  3. Love these uniforms. Might even go out and buy one before the diva queens whine and get their ugly red lettering back.
  4. I'm disappointed that the MLS has gone on this long and Milwaukee, San Diego and Rochester apparently aren't even on the map for teams when they've proven in the past to have large rabid soccer fan bases. Am I alone here? I mean here we're on the border for chrissake! there's NO Mexican teams that want to hook up a little connect with a San Diego franchise?
  5. I have to ask which opera that tiger is singing.
  6. OK can we all just forget the clipping and blocks in the back Harrison got all the way down field and focus on the signature which was the point of the thread? Would like to see these done at least for those that won a few like the Niners, Cowboys and Patriots.
  7. You know how some people take pre-existing logos, fonts and colors and they take about 10 minutes just shifting things around and they call that a concept? That's what someone just did to the Rangers uniforms.
  8. If that was my brother and I saw him coming onto the court, I'd have tackled his ass and beaten him bloody. Just like every other athlete should do to any fan that comes on the field of play. That being said, I think in the Clemson-Wake Forest situation, the player gave as much as the fan and it's the fan's territory. At worst fine them both a few hundred and let it go. It was a collision and a tackle. Big :censored:ing deal.
  9. My heart will be with the Cardinals but I'm half hoping the Steelers win in hopes that the fans will accidentally burn the entire city of Pittsburgh to the ground. Outside of Detroit it has to be the worst major city in the whole of the United States.
  10. AFC Wild Card (6) Ravens @ (3) Dolphins (5) Colts @ (4) Chargers Divisional (6) Ravens @ (1) Titans (4) Chargers @ (2) Steelers Conference (6) Ravens @ (4) Chargers NFC Wild Card (6) Eagles @ (3) Vikings (5) Falcons @ (4) Cardinals Divisional (6) Eagles @ (1) Giants (5) Falcons @ (2) Panthers Conference (5) Falcons @ (1) Giants Super Bowl XLIII (AFC) Chargers vs. (NFC) Falcons It's no worse than thinking the Colts are going to win it all or that somehow the Panthers will reach the Super Bowl.
  11. Thank you so much Jay! Great work and I love it!
  12. The Bucs will suck so bad it's like they're not even there?
  13. Any chance I could get the Padres caps from 1985-2008 with LOYAL FAN SINCE 1986 under it? Thank you so much. These are amazing!
  14. CZzyzx41

    Tattoo Design

    Agreed. Flip the colours on the cross and you've got something great to work with.