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  1. I'm from San Diego, grew up in Chula Vista. since the mid-80s: MLB - San Diego Padres NFL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (though I find myself getting more emotional this year for the Chargers than the Bucs) MISL - San Diego Sockers (the original NASL/MISL version and not the crap team that existed before the last fold) IHL/WCHL/ECHL - San Diego Gulls (couldn't convince myself to follow them to Long Beach, so I loved the WCHL/ECHL reincarnation too) MLS - Los Angeles Galaxy English Football - Norwich City FC Grew up a Sacramento Kings fan but dropped them a few years ago. I've been following the Celtics and liked them since I was a kid but now that they're having a great year I'm hesitant to call them a favorite. Especially since I have never been much of a basketball fan. Love watching Hockey live and my wife is a casual Flames fan but there really isn't any team that's found a place in my heart yet. I like Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa but I don't yet live and die for any of them yet. I do know I can't stand Detroit, Montreal, Edmonton, either New York team or either SoCal team so I'm off to an interesting start.
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