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  1. Found some interesting concepts on the for the Tampa Bay Rays. More from for the Anaheim Ducks.
  3. This one is from the Twins facebook page...
  4. Joe on Dribbble also credit Frasier Davidson with some help with the identity kit.
  6. Personally I am just waiting for one kit to be posted to relive my childhood...hell even looking at this on Wikipedia I started to remember the great Chico Borja! LOL!
  7. Sad thing is that I live in the same town as these idiots and was excited about baseball coming back again. However I could not stand by and let someone that I called a friend do this to bring shame to our town.
  8. Amarillo Sox - Amarillo Globe-News Article Personally this pays homage to the Amarillo Gold-Sox our old professional minor league team. But the logo is absolutely RIP-OFF of the Twins down to the details on the ball.
  9. If I am not mistaken that would be Klavika Bold that has been modified.