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  1. Too bad Wisconsin no longer has a baseball team and hasn't had one since '91. You should do a UW-Milwaukee concept, the state's only Divison I baseball program.
  2. Does anyone know what the font of Colt .45s is? EDIT: Just the "OLT .45s" part.
  3. HotCoffey

    Tigers logo

    Also, he's jumping downward. It would probably look much better if the tiger was just beginning his leap (ascending).
  4. Interesting. The part where you said they're going to add "The" in front of the Y and then put MCA down the trunk of the black part sounds very cheesy to me, kinda like the old Hartford Whalers logo (with the whale pic and then "ers"). I don't like how every company has to modernize, but I think people would get used to it. Like the new Pepsi logo, did anyone like that when it first came out? But now everyone's used to it and there's no bad feedback anymore.
  5. I'm certainly no expert at jerseys myself, but it looks like you are not putting much time into these. Every jersey uses an existing wordmark, and then you just recolored it to make it look original. This is a good way to start, by coloring and recoloring to get a general idea of where you're headed. But don't stop there. Experiment with a new font, put numbers on the front of the jersey, or try putting the cap logo on the left breast (like Tampa's TB) to get something different. Don't be afraid to try new colors, either (I'm currently working on a Rockies set using purple and powder blue). You're getting there, just try to expand your creativity.
  6. Huh... thanks a lot, I've always wondered why it was green, a color that often didn't jibe with the color of the rest of the hat. The gray and black of today makes sense though...
  7. East Tennesse state was def a tough pick and it could have gone either way i think thats an amazing logo. and i love duke with a passion Don't forget that it says 'UAPB' in the mane...
  8. Can anyone tell me why old baseball caps all had green on the underside of the brim? Any type of info pertaining to this?
  9. If the Packers were ever going to redesign their uniforms, this would be exactly what I would want them to go to...
  10. I love these. Much better than the current look or the previous one.
  11. What seattle's current uniforms look like isn't relevant, as this whole series was about creating new looks for each team. bohob's Seattle concept is different from the current look, thus if all these uniforms were ever actually created, Seattle and Minesota would look nothing alike. End of story
  12. I think the Mets looks pretty good. One thing you might wanna look at is getting rid of the blue piping in the middle of the jersey. I don't think it's needed and kind of just clogs things up. Still, you're doing a fantastic job with your first series.
  13. I like this a lot. As you said, it's nothing too innovative or groundbreaking, but this would look great in the field. And as you said, this is somewhat a continuation of your 'What I Would Do' series (which was very good, by the way), so it doesn't have to be different, just minor changes so it looks the way you think it should
  14. RoughRiders9 is right. Make the D smaller and you have one helluva set. For some reason, the road template looks extremely realistic and for a second I thought you had just copied and pasted a picture of a Tigers road set from eBay or MLB Shop...
  15. Very very good logo. The colors here work so well together. And the quality of the work is superb, very well rendered. two things: 1) The 4 gold dots on his coat, I'm assuming that is some type of military ranking badge? Sorry, I'm not a big military buff or anything and I hope that wasn't as stupid of a question as I think it is... 2) The bordering over the 'NGT' in Washington is white, not gold. Any specific reason? You might want to make it gold all the way around Otherwise, excellent work!