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  1. You are incorrect with that statement. Inkscape is an open soure vector based program. It's basically a free alternative to illustrator. Ah Ok...I was not familiar with this program. Gonna have to look into it tho. (Hangs head in shame)
  2. Typically if want your "STROKE" to stay the same as the Text you are using, I normally use "Inside" on the position in your Effects. Here is an example if you cant understand what I typed. For some reason I can never explain what Im thinking
  3. Well BJBerthiaume this might help you a little. I vectorized your logo and then whipped up a quick one you my think of doing. I have had a little free time lately and I got bored! Thanks for the welcome to the forum also...GREAT SITE!
  4. Here is Great tutorial for anyone who wants to make Fire!!
  5. This is my first post and I hope this helps you. Pretty cool program..... Font Generator USE YOUR OWN HANDWRITING If it was me, I would do the Font Generator and then make this a vector image, then you can get it as big as you want!! P.S, if you need it vectorized I would be more than willing to help you since either one of those programs you use cannot vectorize.