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  1. 16 just because they have GNB 5 2
  2. Really like everything about it except the stripes on the arms of jersey just seem like they would be a bit busy...other than that great job
  3. I think of it this way they don't wanna touch the Clarence Campbell Bowl or the Prince of Wales Trophy because they want the Cup...but you always see them wearing the West/East championship shirts and hats. Isn't that pretty much the same basic idea
  4. Any chance of doing Pens/Steelers/Pirates on one if not I would love to have a pens one right now
  5. The fact that he only let in 13 of I think 45 shots is pretty amazing.
  6. Looks a lot like the Pittsburgh Power AFL team to me just made into a basketball team. I agree with those above being from Pittsburgh I would be ashamed to see any jersey that just had Burgh on it.