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  1. You are correct! According to www.miamidolphinsuniform.com/ its Aqua Jerseys vs. Jets Week 9 and all Aqua uniforms vs. Jax Week 16
  2. As a life long Dolphins fan, it was great seeing all that stuff during the season. Keep up the great work!!
  3. The white tops over aqua pants are my favorite look for my Dolphins. Too bad they don't wear it enough.
  4. Cameron Indoor Stadium I was at the Duke-Florida State game and didnt have time to walk around to get good pictures, so i took these from my seat. Just thought I would contribute. National Championship Banners located at the north end of the stadium Numbers, Final 4 Banners and ACC Title Banners on south side of scoreboard Numbers, Final 4 Banners and ACC Title Banners on north side of scoreboard And Dickie V in the rafters press box!
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