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  1. It might be interesting to see the crown over the wordmark. That way it can be larger and still have the crown worked in.
  2. Really like the Arkansas ones. Huge improvement on what they have.
  3. Kansas City Kicks San Diego Demons Baltimore Bombers Jacksonville Hammerheads
  4. The UFL is around although they don't have very good t.v. exposure.
  5. Like where your going with the logo but the buffalo looks too skinny. Does that make any sense?
  6. Sorry inline might have been a bad choice of words. Drop it down so its more on top of the script. Also the thicker lines helped eliminate some of the space.
  7. If you could get the body more inline with the script. I think that would add to it. As it is now it looks like the lion is resting on invisible rocks or something.
  8. An Oklahoma City Thunder update.
  9. I think Blue and Gold would be better then Red and Gold. But you could play off USC with red and gold.
  10. What about having the same color scheme as the clippers?
  11. I like the Angels logo with the baseball with wings. Good Stuff.
  12. I think it would look better with a rounded U.