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  1. Missed opportunity here. Would have loved to see them to go with Cleveland Kings Nice cross-sport synergy lol
  2. Well when one your best players is named Eric Dickerson... P.s. that ram it song is starting to make me feel really uncomfortable.
  3. After the Clippers disaster a few years ago I go into these expecting the worst...
  4. Hmm...this can't be a placeholder image can it?
  5. Looks like Kevin Demoff is trolling us...check the twitter avi
  6. Baseball needs an angry "Florida man" logo
  7. With the Atlanta Hawks being placed near the tag I'm going to go ahead and give it the nickname "Peach up. A-town down" I'll leave
  8. ?Please bring back teal. Please bring back teal ?
  9. Alas we found the inspiration for the color change
  10. Think of the bright side...it will give our old friend a new gig
  11. Cue the Dolphins woke up jokes in 5...4...3 ?
  12. There's also the Grover Cleveland Charter High School Cavaliers (est 1959) Granada Hills Charter High School Highlanders Reseda High School Regents William Howard Taft Charter High School Toreadors El Camino Real Charter High School Conquistadores
  13. Clearly they haven't noticed teams have players wearing different styles of socks. I'm looking at you Oakland.
  14. This would have been an upgrade for the Clippers
  15. Ha! Good one Florida, almost had me fooled there for a minute. [Checks Calander] Dammit, Florida, teams of your ilk don't do this ???
  16. I'm heavily biased towards the era in which I grew up. 1990s were the best across the board.
  17. Credit UA for finally getting the shoulder stripes right, but man, does that single color number ruin the away uniform. Also, this might be an unpopular opinion, but I prefer UCLA accented in Navy on the road.
  18. Regardless of the name change, I predict a Waffle themed uniform to also be in the mix
  19. Goodyear employees, who will be looking to wear it on casual Fridays
  20. Considering what the Clippers currently use, I'll take Clippy at center court if it meant getting rid of the mistake they made two years ago. would be like advertising, that isn't quite advertising.
  21. Well, that's embarrassing. To be honest it was more a case of a angry fan venting. (See 3/26/17 Clippers game for explanation)
  22. This finally hit me after watching today's game ..... Reminds me of c
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