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  1. Pacers really need to bring back the pinstripe uniforms
  2. Not to mention the wrong hosiery
  3. Seeing this...Damn I feel so bad for the fans of Seattle. Bennett screwed them BIG time.
  4. That's sad to hear. I know that I've been spoiled living in Los Angeles and attending Dodger Stadium but I always thought that Turner looked beautiful on TV
  5. brief glimpse of ucla new uniforms in action...that font is really going to bug me
  6. Via UCLA's twitter. Looks like Adidas finally got the stripes right...little too late though
  7. I think pinstripes on the road works as such believe the Twins need to bring these back
  8. Re: Kings new uniforms, they're alright but I still prefer the Webber/Bibby era
  9. Massive NBA 2015-16 uniform leak....explains pride reference
  10. Sorry to all Mavs fans, but that ushered in the greatest few hours of twitter..Day-O
  11. Please tell me they got Kobayashi or Chestnut for the first pitch
  12. The triangular logo patch the old Clippers uniforms had on the collar
  13. I always wonder how the student athletes feel aboug this...Cant Imagine the hoops team is happy to swith from Jordans to UA
  14. My $0.02 regarding DBacks. While I wish they would have gone back to teal and purple full time I do like their new jerseys and wordmarks...The pants, however should have stayed on the drawing room floor
  15. They'll look good on Thursday though lol
  16. I loved this set for Georgia Tech and think they should return ASAP
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