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  1. I was kinda hoping that they'd pipe in some booing when Gary presented the Cup.... You know, just to keep the tradition going. Congrats to the Lightning and their fans.
  2. Well... The Battle of Seattle started way back in Jan. 2018 with 9 "teams"... ...And finishes up, over 2 1/2 years later, with over a dozen concepts and 60+ primary, secondary, and promotional logos... Thanks so much to all who have dropped by to visit. I've enjoyed your company. Take care out there, eh! sparky
  3. darkp...Thanks so much for your involvement & comments in the Battle. The Iceland branding was stellar, and, I thought the Kraken intro video may have been inspired by the Iceland model. They had the same feel to them. I didn't explore the Guardians concept too much. Seattle released its name decision shortly after I did it up... But I had the same thought as you...each component could have its own identity...I was thinking practice jerseys...A Kraken line, A Sasquatch line, etc. Anyway, thanks again dp.
  4. Thanks Morgan...Yeah, this stuff is fun, as you well know. Keep up the great work in your threads . And you're right...Adidas knocked it outta the park, IMO.
  5. Kraken ...and finally, the Blue-Green/Gold/White, nautical-theme Kraken. Home 'n Aways, and a Mets-striped tribute option...
  6. Sockeyes Honestly?...I thought Seattle was going to go with the "Sockeyes". The colours on the team's official website sure hinted at it. Here's home & away Sockeyes in "website colours", with an alt for the Kids...
  7. Totems ...was an early favourite in the name race, but faded in the final stretch. Here's the Totems home 'n aways in Green/Navy/Silver...
  8. SeaLions ...Would have definitely been a safer choice for a nautical-theme name, but would lack the uniqueness and bite of the Kraken monicker. Here's the Aqua/Gold/White SeaLions...
  9. Well...Kudos to NHL Seattle for going with the big, bold, nautical "Kraken"... And congratulations to Adidas for nailing a rather tricky identity. Very nicely done! So, with the name-game's time to steer this barge of a thread into its final port. I'll post up the final renderings that I had for the top names, and then, call 'er a day. Evergreens I ended up with a super-simple, traditional die-cut felt logo for the home & aways, and a script font word mark on a "plaid-cut" alt...
  10. ...wondering as to how this could possibly happen, sparky contacted his buddy, the admiral @ilovetheKrakenxoxoxo...
  11. edub... I love those 1st & 2nd Washington sweaters. The "star" is such a strong, iconic design element...if you're gonna use it- load it up!... Like you've done! I like the navy running into the gloves. Beauty!!
  12. I'll give that a shot if I get some time, B-mer It's great to see how Seattle has embraced the NHL Kraken. An interesting off-shoot is that they're talking of acquiring a pro women's team! Several names including the "Seattle Sirens" have been bandied about, so I gave that identity a shot. (I apologize for not having a women's hockey template, so I just photoshopped Hilary Knight's head onto an existing one ). ...Might be cool if they shared the same palette as their NHL cousins...
  13. Is it just me, or are the new Ram horns smaller than the old ones? They seem to cover less real estate on the bucket, making them look like just large side decals, rather than an integral part of the overall helmet design. ...and it may be out of necessity because of new helmet designs, but whatever... I really don't like their new look.
  14. @ebod39...The sweaters are beauty!! I imagine the socks will reflect the arm striping? What's the plan for the pants?... Plain?... Striped?...
  15. ...Should be "Washington Team Football" so its acronym can be WTF?
  16. It's an expression of individuality?
  17. Anyway...I loved the story of Iceland's "Protectors"...the Bull, the Eagle, the Giant and the Dragon. Great Stuff... But, wait a minute... Seattle says... "Hold My Beer!" with its team of titans repping the ocean, the sky and the forest. I enjoyed the good-natured rivalry during the name discussion between the Kraken, Thunderbirds and Sasquatch camps. The Iceland branding was an inspiration to unite these forces under a "Guardians" concept. (I did this up several months ago but have only now, had the chance to share it with you...)
  18. About 6 months ago, (before the Kraken name announcement) Team Iceland Soccer released this beauty of a promotional video. It's fantastic! If you haven't seen it...check it out!!!...
  19. Hello everybody... For starters, I hope everyone's doing well and staying safe. The Seattle NHL Team Name Journey has finally meandered its way to a conclusion, so it's time to begin to wrap up The Battle. Before I do however, I have a few chores to tend to... I sincerely apologize to the CCSL community for my inappropriate remarks on March 15. I fully deserved the 6 month suspension that I received. I've posted here over 3000 times since joining the Boards, and that's the first (and I promise it'll be the last) time that I've slipped into my "day-time-job" mode. That kind of language is pretty common-place on the construction site, but it has no place here. Again, I'm very sorry for my rude, demeaning and inappropriate remarks. I'd also like to thank woody86, Friedrich Stuart Macbeth, thaipod, Jake3roo, and darkpiranha for their kind words that day. You all commented in the proper and professional way that I should have. Thank you. I've been on the boards for over 11 years and I truly appreciate everyone who has taken the time to drop by one of my threads to comment, criticize, like, or just have a gander. I've very much enjoyed your company over the years.
  20. Yep!...Adidas sure kicked MY ass. I've been on vacation, so I'm a little late to the party. I just swung by to say kudos to Seattle NHL for having the balls to go with the big, bold, unique (although somewhat risky) Kraken... And congrats to the Adidas gang for a great job in pulling off a tricky identity. Very well done!
  21. Oh, and there's your greasy little sidekick giving you a big wet ass kiss. Go :censored: yourself you smarmy weasel.
  22. Save me your lecture. I know what the different threads are for. I have absolutely no problem with the varied opinions in the Seattle debate. I enjoy it. It's when comments from you and your Get-A-Long-Gang ( sorry, "mafia" was the wrong word) cross that line with me and other members that pisses me off. I'll DM you, rather than clutter things up here.
  23. Overall, things need to be toned down on the boards, Ice Cap. I'm all for good debate on concepts, names, ideas, etc....I'm okay with constructive criticism on my concepts, but it often crosses the line into personal attacks. Just because people disagree with other's opinions, doesn't mean they're "annoying" or creating a false narrative.
  24. Thanks for that henburg...VERY MUCH appreciated. I think more people are Krāken fans than we realize, though. However, if you state your preference for the Krāken monicker over at the "Seattle NHL Brand Discussion" thread, you kinda get shouted down and ridiculed by the mafia over there. It's too bad the CCSLC has become so caustic, because you used to get the Frazer Davidson's, the Buc's, and the Brandon Moore's (people actually working and well respected in the sports design world) dropping by more frequently....which was great, to hear opinions from those in the industry...Oh well.... I think with the Krāken name, a lot of the critics don't have the imagination to get past the (admittedly cheesy) "Release the Kraken" schtick. Yeah, that'll get used, but not to the extent that many would have you believe. Hell, I've posted many pages of Krāken concept, and I think I've only referenced that line a couple of times. I agree 100% with you, that the name has a ton of potential. For a name that is so (apparently) horrible...It sure is hangin' around isn't it? I'll keep kickin' the hornets nest over's kinda fun. Thanks again.