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  1. Seattle Seahawks, v2.0Blended the throwback-style Seahawks uniforms w/ the current logos and color scheme. I've always love the way the bird head blends into the sleeve striping on their old-school jerseys, so this seemed like a natural fit.
  2. Loving that Dodgers/Lakers concept, the colors work perfectly for their set
  3. Texas Longhorns No Earth-shattering changes here. I stuck with the same basic design, with a few changes. Stripes are thickened up a bit and added to the plain white pants, and the Longhorn logo finds a place on the right-front of the pants. Alternate uniform is all-black w/ orange numbering and trim (which is something a lot of fans have already called for) with a "Longhorns" script in place of the "Texas" script on the chest. Black helmets have a Hook 'Em Horns script on the back bumpers.
  4. Oregon Ducks The Mecca of college football uniform design (and really, uniform design in general), we come to Nike's darlings the Oregon Ducks. A team that's famous for basically never wearing the same uniform combination twice, I kept that tradition alive with a variety of looks for the upcoming 2021 season. Template is Nike's new Vapor Fusion uniform, which Oregon has already worn for a couple seasons but hasn't yet caught on elsewhere. I also made a new helmet template for the Riddell Speedflex design to fit the modern aesthetic. As for the uniforms themselves, I combined several different eras together. Color palette and winged helmet design is from the current set. Numbering is from the previous gen uniforms, with the unique inner piping from the current sets maintained. Shoulder wings from the early 2010's era return to the jerseys. Subtle wordmarks on the inside of the collars and back of pants complete the look. Uniform combinations for every week of the 2021 season (including possible Pac-12 championship and 2 Bowl Games, for a total of 15 games) are shown below: Regular Season Week 1 - vs Fresno State Week 2 - at Ohio State Week 3 - vs Stony Brook Week 4 - at Colorado Week 5 - vs Arizona Week 6 - vs California Week 7 - vs Oregon State Week 8 - vs Washington State Week 9 - at Stanford Week 10 - at UCLA Week 11 - at Utah Week 12 - at Washington Postseason (if applicable) Week 13 - Pac 12 Championship Game Week 14 - CFB Playoff Semifinal Game Week 15 - CFB National Championship Game (featuring nightmare green uniforms w/ chrome helmets, possibly the greatest look in CFB history)
  5. LMAO. The hate on the Rams here is (justifiably) real
  6. Loving that Seahawks concept, perfect blend of new school/old school
  7. Washington Huskies Washington just recently got some new uniforms when they partnered w/ Adidas, and the new ones look great. I played around with the look a little to make it pop even more. On the home set, pants get the three stripe pattern from the helmet to keep things consistent. On the jersey sleeves, instead of the plain old three stripe look (which tends to look washed out on the current set) I changed the design to be the alternate husky head logo, which I keep across all three sets. In keeping with tradition, purple pants have no stripes. Alternates are all black with white and royal purple trim.
  8. Notre Dame Fighting Irish Probably the easiest set to make so far. I had no intention of changing the primary look whatsoever, so I focused on the green jersey alternates. I'm not really a fan of the current Under Armour alternates, so I went back to the previous green jersey style for inspiration. Added a cursive "Irish" script to the helmets and used some green trim on the pants and helmets. I also included the player names on all the jerseys (Notre Dame is notorious for seldomly wearing player names, they're big on the whole "no player is more important than the team" mentality) just to show what they would look like.
  9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers, v2.0In honor of this year's Super Bowl Champs, I made some tweaks to make these a little more unique. Used the number font from the previous-generation Bucs uniforms (minus the crazy alarm-clock looking trim) and used a brighter shade of of red. I also made some subtle changes to the jersey and pants trim, and made a modern version of the orange creamsicle throwbacks.
  10. USC Trojans To start off the Pac-12, the first school up is USC. The Trojans have a very classic look that I didn't want to deviate too far from, but I did make some subtle changes. Helmet logo changes to the updated Trojan head, and numbering goes back to standard block style. Per tradition, I did not include player names on the backs of jerseys (as of 2020, they're still the only team to have never done this).
  11. Oklahoma Sooners Making my first dent in the Big-12, we come to Oklahoma. Didn't change hardly anything on the primaries, it's a classic look that's stood the test of time and I didn't want to mess with a winning formula. The alternates drop the "bring the wood" pattern and just become plain maroon alongside cream. There's also a few subtle changes that aren't even worth pointing out; I'll just let y'all take a look and judge for yourselves.
  12. Miami Hurricanes First team up from the ACC is, The U, the Miami Hurricanes. There's been a lot of different iterations of their uniform - some better, some worse - but they wised up and went back to their classic look after switching to from Nike to Adidas. Helmets stay exactly as is in my redesign, uniforms themselves get a few tweaks. I went back to the Hurricanes proprietary font for the numbering, as I think it looks a little more unique and stands out better than the current standard-issue block numbers. I also changed the sleeve/pant striping to be the opposite color of the numbers on all uniform elements, which makes everything pop a little more.
  13. Buffalo Bills, v2.0Thickened up the outline striping on the helmets, sleeves, and pants.