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  1. Awesome series man, this is some really good work!
  2. Good call on using a lighter shade of green for the Jets. I switched from the old school dark green to just their current shade of green, and it definitely pops better.
  3. New York Giants, v2.0 Same as the first go-around, only I added a little more color. Made the facemasks white, and added in some red outlining to the helmet logo. They end up looking like a blend between the current unis and the 80's-era ones.
  4. TEAM #1: Buffalo Bills The Bills have a great logo and color scheme already, so I didn't do anything too crazy. I really like their tapered helmet strip (based on their primary logo), so I used that on the sleeves and and pants to create a more symmetrical look. I also added in a throwback logo on the inside of the collar as a nod to the past and changed the face masks from grey to blue, as I think this pops better with the white helmets.
  5. Dallas Cowboys, v2.0 Revisiting the 'Boys, with some updated colors. I used the fairly generic choice of navy blue and silver to standardize the Cowboys look in the first go around; in version 2, I used the seafoam green/silver color from their current home pants, and also used a lighter shade of blue. Gives them something a little more unique.
  6. Wow, I'm seriously blown away by these concepts. Best basketball series I've seen! Really well done, literally every team you've done is fire.
  7. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you checking my stuff out! I really like your idea about the Cowboys actually... next time I get a chance I'll make a version with those colors.
  8. Wow, seriously impressive work! Both the level of detail and just the sheer scale of this project... best concept series I've ever seen.
  9. Thanks man, I appreciate the feedback! Definitely solid points. The Jets collar was an idea I got from another designer, but honestly it doesn't quite work with those colors. Fair point about Washington also. The burgundy I used was their official shade (according to their website), but it does look pretty dark on a computer screen.
  10. Just wanted to say, thanks to everyone who gave these a like and submitted feedback. It's definitely appreciated!
  11. TEAM #32: Seattle Seahawks To finish things off, we come to a fitting team: The Seattle Seahawks. Seattle definitely turned some heads when they rebranded in 2012, and whether you love 'em or hate 'em, you can't deny that they've been incredibly influential. Fans consistently rank them highly, too. With that knowledge in mind, I set about looking to tweak the stuff that works, rather than tear down and start from scratch What works: The color scheme (awesome), the feather pattern on the numbers (also awesome), the homage to the fans (also also awesome) What doesn't work: WTF are those shoulder/sleeve/chest stripes supposed to be anyways? Still haven't figured that one out. The end result is something a little more traditional, that still preserves a lot of the cool stuff that makes the Seahawks unique. Felt good to end this project on a high note!
  12. TEAM #31: San Francisco 49ers Don't fix what isn't broken. The 49ers have one of the league's most classic looks, one that the fans love and other teams love to emulate. They've won 5 Super Bowls wearing something very similar. All I did was add a gold alternate, changed the face masks to red to add some color, and called it a day.
  13. TEAM #30: Los Angeles Rams I'll admit, I thought the Rams new duds were some hot Ikea garbage when they first came out. And I'm still not convinced they weren't a regression. But they have grown on me a bit. The helmets, especially, are lowkey pretty good. But I still think they would do well to go back to something closer to their throwbacks, which were universally loved. So that's what I did. Behold, the (not Ikea) Rams.
  14. TEAM #29: Arizona Cardinals In the home stretch now, we finish up in the NFC West. First team up is the Cardinals. Arizona definitely has a prototypical "2000's" kind of uniform - edgy once upon a time/on different uniform template, but starting to feel a little long in the tooth in 2020. Not everyone is a fan, including their franchise QB. They're another team primed for a makeover (and no, just making everything all black doesn't qualify as a makeover). I made use of Arizona's gorgeous state flag here, which adds a splash of color to the sleeves. I also added in some sublimation to the sides of the pants, which mirrors the sun rays from the Arizona flag. The end result is something a little less busy, and a little more pleasing to the eyes (hopefully).
  15. TEAM #28: Tampa Bay Buccaneers Went back on forth on what I wanted to do with these. On one hand, Tampa definitely made the right move in going away from their hideous alarm clock font jerseys; on the other hand, they didn't take many risks at all with the new ones. These are basically the same jerseys as they wore in their Tampa 2 - era heyday. That said - if you're gonna copy an era, that's a really good era to copy. In the end, I decided to stick with what works myself. The main changes I made were to the all-pewter alternates. I also made a blacked-out alternate uniform which makes more prominent use of the skull and crossbones logo. And of course, we see a return of the much-hyped orange creamsicle throwbacks!