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  1. New Orleans Saints v2.0 Keeping the same basic theme as my original Saints concepts, but changing up the striping/colors a bit. Stripes move to the shoulders (like their in-state counterparts LSU), TV numbers are replaced by the primary logo, and primary shade of gold is changed to the one used on their current Color Rush jerseys.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals v2.5, aka "Tiger Series" Just experimenting around w/ different colors and combinations. I really like the concept of the bichromatic "White Tiger" look (which hopefully will become a reality in 2021 thanks to the one helmet rule going away) so I made three additional combos. Also changed the number font to be a little more aggressive, and substituted a "Cincy" wordmark for the Bengals on the chest. Sets are as follows: Color Rush 1, aka "White Tiger" Color Rush 2, aka "Black Tiger" Color Rush 3, aka "Bengal Tiger" Color Rush 4, aka "Inverted Tiger" (super literal, for lack of a better name)
  3. Green Bay Packers v2.0 If/when Green Bay ever decides to get off the old Reebok Template, I'd like to see them go to something like this on the new Nike template. Basically, a modernized version of a classic look. Main changes I made were using a traditional 5-stripe pattern on all non-home jerseys, and adding a "Titletown, USA" wordmark inside the collars as a shoutout to the city of Green Bay. Also made an all green-and-gold Color Rush uniform, which includes a new helmet based on GB's alternate logo.
  4. Philadelphia Eagles v2.0 After looking at a lot of different concepts/ideas online, I've come to 2 conclusions: Philly definitely looks better in a brighter shade of green Philly's helmets (the current set) are the best in the league So that's what these sets do - combine my favorite aspects of the new-school and old-school. I updated the look to the new Vapor Fusion template, and also cut back on the use of the color black, choosing to use more white & silver instead. Still kept the all-black look for Color Rush/Night Games, and added in an alternate silver uniform. Throwbacks stay as is.
  5. Chicago Bears v2.0 The primary sets stay pretty much the same as my original concepts, only using a lighter shade of orange (which pops especially nice on the alternate jersey). After that, I went a little crazy. Color Rush uniform uses all navy and orange, and introduces a different set of pants which can also be used w/ the throwback uniforms. I also stole an idea from Major League Baseball and made a "City Connect" uniform set, which borrows heavily from the flag + colors of the city of Chicago. Helmet uses an oversized version of the secondary bear head logo.
  6. Michigan State Spartans v2.0 This iteration is a little closer to their current look, minus the hideous neon green alternates. Sword motif is utilized in both helmet and pants, bronze helmets return, and a blackout set for primetime night games completes the set.
  7. Clemson Tigers v2.0 Not vastly different from their actual jerseys, but I tweaked a few things to make them a little more unique. Number font is Clemson's proprietary font, and paw print logos switch places with the TV numbers on the sleeves. I also added a white alternate helmet, which allows them to rock a "whiteout" that will serve as a nice complement to their all-purple set.
  8. Cincinnati Bengals v2.0 The overwhelming consensus seems to be that Cincy nailed it with this offseason's rebrand, and I definitely agree. As such, I didn't really change much on the primary looks. Main changes I made were altering the pants striping to run the whole length of the pants, and adding a set of orange pants to give them some additional looks. Alternate an all black & white "White Tiger" look.
  9. Los Angeles Rams v2.5 As requested, a version of my royal blue and gold Rams jerseys w/ split striping elements throughout. For this one, I also added in a couple all blue & white pseudo throwback jerseys and dropped the current ones, since the home set is practically the same thing and would just be redundant.
  10. Los Angeles Chargers v2.5, aka "Dark Lightning" series This is just a one-off set, imagining what the Chargers could do with design elements from their excellent alternate uniforms. Powder blue goes out the window for these, utilizing only white, dark navy blue, and gold. A new all-navy helmet makes its debut as well. Since all 3 sets use the navy blue bolts, it seemed fitting to nickname this series "Dark Lightning" (which believe it or not is actually a real thing).
  11. Washington v3.0, aka "Washington Football Team" And going in a completely different direction, this concept is made w/ the assumption that Washington doesn't change anything at all and just sticks with calling themselves the Washington Football Team. No risks, no controversy. For this iteration, I focused instead on elements of Washington D.C. itself, using features from the DC flag and coat of arms to create a totally new look (albeit w/ the same helmet). Burgundy and gold stay, as I think those colors are just iconic and couldn't imagine Washington ever changing that part of their identity.
  12. Washington v2.0, aka "Washington Warriors" It's been a full year, and Washington still hasn't decided what they're gonna call themselves in 2022 (although there's apparently over 30 contenders). So it's still essentially open season for coming up with ideas/concepts. This one is a little more traditional than my first go round, I just simply called them the Washington Warriors. I think this name change would be a respectful tribute to Native American warriors, without the racially loaded Red-skins name and logo.
  13. Dallas Cowboys, v3.0 For this iteration, I tried to accomplish two things: Unify the colors across all sets (no more 3 different shades of blue, 2 different shades of silver, etc.) Blend the modern and throwback styles together In the end, I decided to use the silver/green color for the helmets and pants and navy blue for the jerseys. Admittedly, silver is probably cleaner.... but that seafoam green/silver is so synonymous with the Cowboys at this point that it just feels wrong to take it out. Number style is the old-school font. Alternate and throwback looks stay as is.
  14. Carolina Panthers, v3.0 My 2nd update to Carolina, I've decided to veer away from tradition and just blow the whole thing up. I went in the same direction as my my first go-round (aggressive numbering, claw marks, etc.) but really leaned into those features even more. Silver is eliminated from the color scheme completely, and an all-black helmet with oversized logo becomes standard. Finally, TV numbers on right pants leg give these another unique feature. Shout-out to the Missouri Tigers football team for the helmet inspiration.
  15. Houston Texans v2.0 (aka, Houston Oilers reborn) I know, I know - Houston doesn't actually own the naming rights to the Oilers anymore. But this is concept land, and in concept land, the pretty baby blue jerseys of the Oilers are too good to leave on the shelf. Nothing against the Texans, but I honestly find their jerseys/brand a little boring. They have a cool logo and all but the rest of their brand is kinda generic. Also, considering they play in the same state as the Cowboys, Texas Longhorns, and Texas A&M Aggies, it's clear they're far from the most popular team in their own state... which makes the "Texans" moniker suspect. The Oilers are just a more unique and iconic brand. Also, considering the current state of dysfunction (worst trade in modern history, forcing out the most popular player in franchise history, whatever is going on w/ Deshaun Watson) maybe hitting a hard reset on the Houston Texans era isn't the worst idea in the world.
  16. Carolina Panthers v2.0 For this go-around, I decided to go in a more traditional direction than my first set. Uniforms are basically an updated version of their current look (additions include a more traditional striping pattern, unique number/player name font, and a black alternate helmet).
  17. That's fair, sorry if I misunderstood where you were coming from. And I do tend to agree, although there are exceptions (Penn State, Notre Dame, etc.).
  18. Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate you checking my stuff out. The Arizona flag set is for sure over the top, I just loved the colors and was trying stuff out. I'll play around with the red on black look, maybe there's a better way to do a blackout look.
  19. Haha well if you're gonna steal a look, you might as well steal from the best right?
  20. I'm not immune to criticism by any means (exactly the opposite actually, I welcome it). But you just saying they're "Way to too plain" is kinda silly. I made two completely new templates, including one that is based on the Arizona state flag - what exactly is "plain" about that? If you don't like 'em that's cool, to each their own. No need to be :censored:y about it, though.
  21. Arizona Cardinals v2.0 For this go around, I decided to steal an idea from one of my favorite looking college teams, the Arizona State football team. Sleeves use a sublimated pattern based on the Arizona state flag, and uniform template switches to the new Nike Vapor Fusion system. For the alternates, I brought out 2 new looks: an all-black alternate, and a uniform based on the Arizona State flag that includes desert sand colored helmet and pants. Throwback uniforms stay as is (RIP to Pat Tillman, a true hero).
  22. Detroit Lions, v2.0Went back to the previous-gen font family, and combined that with the three stripe helmet/pant style from the Barry Sanders years. I also added in an alternate Honolulu Blue helmet with an oversized Lion logo (thanks to the University of Missouri for the inspiration). Alternate jerseys get unique sleeve logo based on their old-school 60's logo, which also fits in nicely with the "Motor City" vibe I was going for. Throwback jersey stays as is.
  23. Maryland Terrapins v2.0 For the primary looks, I added in an updated version of the tortoise shell helmet. For the alternate look, I went with a blackout uniform featuring the Maryland state flag helmet. I also added in an updated version of the Maryland "White Ops" uniforms to give them a 4th look.
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