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  1. That’s not a good look. This isn’t the College World Series.
  2. I love that circle logo... I don’t know why.
  3. Am I one of the only ones that thinks this is a serious upgrade? For some reason Carolina had trouble pulling of the red, white and black look. Now I feel this adds terrific balance and more pop to a once bland colour scheme. I just wish they added the squares to the sleeve stripe as well.
  4. Interesting designs, I’m not usually a big fan of modern designs but most of these work. I’m a huge fan of what you did to the cubs, and while I like the design for the Reds. I can’t get on board with the look of the Nike logo.
  5. In a strange way I almost feel the jerseys look better than their current counterparts.
  6. Timeless doesn’t stop. Don’t forget that New York. I will be disappointed once they put the Nike logo on the chest. Really nice ice designs BTW
  7. Love the Blue Devils alternate. Really classy. Such an elegant series.
  8. Jeez, I wouldn’t want to be a quarter back trying to make the team.
  9. Really nice. The cap works well to my surprise.
  10. Especially in Toronto!!!
  11. Why can’t all ball players dress like this?
  12. Would I be the minority if I said I was a big fan of the Blue Jackets jerseys?
  13. Two of the nicest jerseys in sport.
  14. Something about that time makes everything look classier. Maybe it’s the nostalgia.
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