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  1. really really really like the detroit one.
  2. i usually don't comment as i don't usually have much constructive. this isn't constructive so much either, but i do love the uruguay kit. the homage to the former team, the collars, the simplicity...it's a beauty.
  3. wrong logo for the church...not that it matters all that much...the font still doesn't look similar to the jazz wordmark
  4. Love Battle Born as a name. Colors look good, as does the logo. It does feel like something is missing, though I can't quite put my finger on it. Alamo looks really nice. I like how you have incorporated the Alamo into the crest. Agree that a white ball might pop more. Solid work so far.
  5. Bullets had a nice & historic Baltimore tie-in. Unfortunately that got lost when D.C. was pretty much the nation's capital of crime. It seems a bit silly to go back, especially when most people and most fans don't know about the Bullet factory connection and just think guns/crime. Eagles would be cool. It's not exactly a unique moniker for a team, but it obviously fits with the city. Generals would also be great.
  6. I think you have a nice start. I like the star/maple leaf idea. Interested to see what you come up with for the teams.
  7. First, this is my first attempt at doing anything somewhat creative with logos. I admit upfront that I'm very limited in my graphic arts abilities, but hopefully this will be a place where I can try to improve. This round of "recolors" is a pretty simple exercise with Microsoft Paint, but it got the juices flowing. The underlying premise is to try to expand the color palette in sports (i.e. there is going to be a lot of green in these recolors). Also, I know the recoloring is rough...I just didn't want to take the time to get every detail cleaned up, rather I wanted to whip up a lot of ideas quickly. Appreciate any C&C, and hopefully I can learn from your myriad skills! #1: Houston Astros Inspiration: World Series logo from 2008. Full Album: http://s760.photobucket.com/albums/xx246/cjonesy108/ I loved the green in conjunction the other two colors. I think it works pretty well with Houston's current brand.
  8. the green on green bucks jersey is beautiful. i would love to see that used again. i started looking through college logos and found some pretty nice green themes: colorado state, hawaii, manhattan, marshall, miami, oregon (for better and worse), south florida and my personal fav, michigan state. totally agree!
  9. I suspect a bit of americana plays into the derth of green. Green doesn't go as well with other colors. Even the color opposite (red) doesn't look as good as say, blue and orange IMO. (for an nba comparison, think milwaukee vs. charlotte) But red and blue definitely dominate. I would love to see more color diversity. If I ever get the skills some of you have to do re-worked logos and concepts, I would throw in more green!
  10. Colorwerx had some cool pie charts looking at color choices from pro leagues in north america, and I realized hardly any teams wear green. Looking at the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS, only 8 of 132 teams have green as one of their primary colors (not counting teals in this). MLB is the worst green-omitor. In contrast, 2/3 pro baseball teams have blue as a primary color (not counting teals here either). Any theories? It this a little americana coming through, where we like our teams better in red, white & blue?
  11. I've been interested in logo design for years and just recently discovered this forum. After a month lurking I'm interested in trying my hand at this. What programs do you use? Is photoshop good enough? How about templates? Any advice for a newbie is appreciated.
  12. the utah jazz mountain/basketball could be a good starting point for you...similar concept.
  13. hey -- i'm new to the sports logo community. i think this is fantastic. i definitely have a few orders in mind.