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  1. I think i'm missing: Slam Dunk Champ 3 Points Champ Defensive player of the year Skills Challege??
  2. I'm working on a concept for signatures,wallpaper etc using the badges seen on the All Stars warm up jackets. Looking for some help finding images (the bigger the better) of all the badges. Here are the ones I have so far:
  3. blase

    Rugby Template

    Looks great Fraser!!! Cant't wait to have a go with the template!
  4. Hi all, Thought I'd share a new template I quickly put together. I should've spent more time on this but it should do the trick for people. Anyone with more time on the hands can jazz this up and repost it for people. I've done the basics but if you look in the paths there are quite a few helmet/pants/jersey stripe paths that I found embedded in the jpeg that the designer left in there. Download link: 26MB
  5. Just went to see what this is all about and noticed the site has been removed.
  6. Yeah sorry, I prefer the original. The changes remove all depth and makes it look too flat
  7. I'm assuming everyone have seen these floating around: Here's a couple sport ones I did: Give it a go and show us what you come up with!!!
  8. blase

    Bat logo

    Thanks guys wil take this on. Here's some of my other draft stuff for reference. Had started with some wings but didn't feel like it was going anywhere. For interest sake some of the process:
  9. blase

    Bat logo

    Hi all, Using Davidson's tutorials and concepts for inspiration I came up with this Bat logo. C & C appreciated, in particular do I need to work body/wings in or can a Bat head stand alone as the logo? Also, to complete the design I would like to use it on a current team that has a bat for their mascot/team name. Found the Louisville Bats but can anyone think of any others??
  10. Looks great but You've gone the wrong way with the hoop.
  11. blase


    Thanks guys and thanks PSCF3 for the idea of different colours for each letter. I've gone full circle and end up with this logo and two colour ways. Done!