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  1. That is fantastic. Both the concept AND the presentation.
  2. It looks like you're re-branding a franchise. Would you like help?
  3. ...and two years later they introduced Busch Beer. Sneaky!
  4. But they did that in 2003 when they signed the deal with U.S. Cellular, although it had been kind of weird the last few years since U.S. Cellular hasn't served the Chicago market since 2012. The biggest problem with Guaranteed Rate is the down arrow logo, which is just kind of embarrassing imagery for a sports team.
  5. ...and this is stretching the thread a bit, but here's a picture of the 1932 NFL Championship game, which had to be held indoors at Chicago Stadium due to a blizzard and forecast cold temperatures. The Bears and Cardinals had played an exhibition game at the Stadium a couple years prior, but this is the first (and only) game that actually counted played on an 60-yard field (80 including the end zones). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1932_NFL_Playoff_Game
  6. I think the gimmick works well enough when the venue has some sort of history or something special about it, like Fenway or Wrigley. Yankee Stadium kinda counts, but only because they mimicked old Yankee Stadium in the design. Places like Tropicana Field have a lot less to lean on there.
  7. Here's Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati... And more recently, here's NIU playing a home game at Guaranteed Rate Field. I think it was the first event the park hosted after the name change - there's no other signage visible in the park, but check out the top of the third base dugout:
  8. You can't see the football markings, but here's BC Place hosting a Toronto Blue Jays exhibition game:
  9. Josh Phegley's "PTBNL" nickname was also great, even though he was on the DL during the Players' Weekend.
  10. As the crow flies, the Los Angeles Angels play 26 miles and change from downtown Los Angeles and a little under 20 from the city limits at its closest point (waaaaay down by Long Beach). Yeah, yeah, "of Anaheim," and all, but they went through great pains to shoehorn Los Angeles into their name.
  11. Even that doesn't look like that any more.
  12. On the bright side, Hawk only worked about half the games this year. Jason Benetti called the other half, and he's actually pretty good. The White Sox radio team of Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson is pretty brutal. Farmer is a goofball who was good when he was the color guy working alongside John Rooney and Jackson learned how to be a broadcaster by working with Harrelson. It's just terrible.
  13. A couple of throwback fonts that always bugged me in MVP 2005: ...luckily the game was fairly easy to mod, at least on the PC.
  14. How did we get this far into this thread without anybody busting out this one?
  15. FWIW, the fonts I did are still available. See the link in my sig.
  16. Thanks - the link is in my sig. Be aware that these are 7 years old(!) now, so they're not necessarily current. You can get a more current set from Conrad here.
  17. I may have posted this before, but here's early 70's Bears QB Bobby Douglass (who held the NFL record for single-season QB rushing yards for 34 years, until Michael Vick broke it) "trying out" for the White Sox in 1979: He actually pitched in 4 games for AAA Iowa that year, and true to his reputation as an inaccurate thrower, he walked 13 batters (no strikeouts) in 7 innings.
  18. According to Wikipedia, they were originally the Kingston Canadians, so it's probably a nod to that. Oh, wait, after re-reading the badly written article, it turns out that they REPLACED the Kingston Canadians. So maybe...
  19. Most of the world would consider this a bad weather football game.
  20. No idea how good the album is, but PiL's new album sure has a stinker of a cover.
  21. So does Minute Maid Park. The umps incorrectly called an Astros home run during the '05 series that should have stayed in play. Also, I'm surprised that site doesn't seem to list the Armour Park designs that were submitted to compete with New Comiskey. http://www.thursdayassociates.net/Baseball%20Projects/armour_field,_chicago.htm New Comiskey is basically just the Addison dome proposal, but Armour was specifically designed to fit into the area, much like the old parks were. Y'know, like the A's proposal, except not an architectural lie. I'm not sure if the Armour Field proposal was ever seriously considered, or if the Sox were really just looking at the Addison plans. Regardless, the Sox wound up picking a design that seemed good at the time, but was instantly rendered obsolete (design-wise) by the more neighborhood-style parks like Camden Yards and Jacobs Field that came in its' wake.
  22. I see no maple leaf, and since all Canadian teams are required by law to have one prominently displayed at all times, I conclude that this team is in the UK. Or possibly in West Virginia.
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