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  1. You know what makes me mad? Ever have a player on your team who is warming up with his helmet on with a dark shield, then the game starts and no shield? You trying to tell me they don’t have multiple helmets already? No way these training staffs are wasting time removing all those shields between warmups and the game. This is random, but my point is this whole helmet rule is BS, I’m upset about it and GET OFF MY LAWN
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/phfeiler/status/969334631987384321/photo/1
  3. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I'd love to see a gold helmet with some kind of jaguar print on it, like the bengals with the stripes. I realize that's not happening, but I selfishly always wanted the Jaguars helmet to be gold and the Panthers helmet to be black.
  4. Some suggestions I would have for the original design you put together: - Make the sleeve lines more like the Harold/Wilbert/Jaws era and use up that whole portion of the sleeve, incorporated the Nike logo obviously. - Use the 80's word mark as opposed to today's word mark. - Use the current number font - Make the collar green on the white jerseys I think with those slight changes, you'd have the best looking Eagles mock up out there.
  5. Was listening to the Fanatic of WIP yesterday, and I remember them saying that the "Association" jersey would serve as the Sixers home jersey this season during one of their updates. That's the white one.
  6. I really wish they'd just do a league wide reveal so we could talk about all of them.
  7. According to @CrossingBroad on twitter, the Sixers will be revealing at least one other jersey in a video later today. Wonder if that's true.
  8. Uh oh. Are the Nuggets removing baby blue all together?
  9. I always wanted an outline because I felt like the standard block was a little too rec-league looking, unless you had that tradition like Boston or something. Sixers have pretty much always had an outline. These would have looked a lot nicer with a full outline as opposed to a drop-shadow. However, I do think that the drop-shadow is an improvement on the white unis, but something definitely throws it off on the blue.
  10. The drop shadow is weird. I don't like how it makes the blue jersey look, yet I feel like the white jersey is now the nicest look in the league. Also bothers me that the thickness of the drop shadow is different on the wordmark than the numbers.
  11. I think they goofed on that one image and put BLAZERS on both unis instead of one with PORTLAND
  12. Worried that my Sixers are going to do the same based off of what we've seen, with the solid wordmark and the two toned number font. I'm an outline kinda guy.
  14. Not bad, but my first thought when I saw these unis was "Cal Bears"
  15. Kinda pumped for the new Pacers look. Always found their PG era unis to be boring. COME ON PEOPLE SHOW US SOME JERSEYS