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  1. Not going to lie...I kind of like the Clippers current identity (Blue/White unis, not the black LAC uni) for some reason? Can surely be upgraded, but I'm surprised they are moving on so quickly.
  2. I feel like this was such a lazy albeit temporary update to the helmet. If it were me, I would have kept the stripes, used the new "W" in burgundy with gold trim, threw it in a white circle with gold trim and stopped there. Wouldn't be much of a culture shock and would probably be worthy of a full-time look regardless of what the new nickname becomes. It just doesn't seem necessary to remove the helmet stripes.
  3. Yea, I suppose. But I'd hope that as a Sr. Designer for one of the largest global companies, you'd have enough common sense to realize that the bone look with conflicting design elements shouldn't have made it past phase 1.
  4. https://ramsnewlook.com/logos/#stay-tuned Scroll down to the "Stay Tuned" section and watch the video. Here's an excerpt: "I glance back at it every week, and not once yet have I said to myself MAN IF WE ONLY WOULD OF THIS. It just feels like we did it right." -Steve McClard, Sr. Design Director, NIKE Just one of the many, many maddening quotes in this original video that was released in advance of the uni's dropping. I know everyone blows off Nike's influence on these types of major decisions, and yes I agree it's ultimately in the owner's hands, but you can't convince me that Nike isn't the biggest culprit here (or in most cases).
  5. LA and ATL. 2 identities that should be almost impossible to screw up, both botched. Please, please please don't ever touch my Eagles. I'll live with midnight green if this is the type of stuff you're going to be rolling out. What an aesthetic mess. Since when did it become cool to throw uniform consistency completely out the window?
  6. "The TV numbers over the crescent shaped horn embodies the history of the Rams, while also embracing the surfing culture that dates back to 1970's LA." I made that up. Can I copywrite for Nike now?
  8. Oh boy. They just tweeted the unis. It's bad.
  9. I apologize for doubting everyone on the bone unis. I just didn't think that would ever be a real thing, like EVER EVER EVER EVER. Mind blown how you could look at this and think "yea, we hit the mark." No final verdict until they are officially launched, but jesus. WHY DO THEY MAKE IT SO HARD ON THEMSELVES? PS Nike/NFL pease never touch the Eagles unis, we're good.
  10. I may have missed this at some point, but I just saw the 6 that ATL is using for the first time when they posted a pic of the Dante Fowler jersey, and OMG it's ugggggly. Looks like a G.
  11. A few thoughts: The long wait for this debut would be a lot less sucky if they had just communicated a firm date to us for a reveal. Kinda crazy. I'm 100% not buying any of the buzz on Twitter about the bone color. I would be SHOCKED if that was an actual thing. This identity should be REALLY REALLY hard to screw up. Key words "should be". Can't wait to see.
  12. These are awesome concepts. Well done. Looking forward to seeing the completion of the AFC North, and the NFC East (selfishly)
  13. To each their own, but I think even with the historical context, they missed the mark. Honestly, I'm not sure it's even an upgrade from the previous Ram head logo. You probably could have made some minor color updates and called it a day, and while disappointing, it'd still be a better look. But whatever BRING ON THE JERSEYS