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  1. This is awesome news! My guess is it will be similar to the Browns change. A modern take on a traditional look with a custom number font. Fingers crossed that the Cardinals and Eagles aren't far behind.
  2. Would love to see the Panthers overhaul their uniforms and go black helmets. It just works for that identity. Also waiting patiently for this ever elusive return of kelly green for the Eagles.
  3. @ScubaSteve Gotcha. I 100% agree with you that it shouldn't be the primary. I love their current identity. I was under the impression he wasn't willing to bring them back as a city edition, which to me is dumb. I still think they could have blended the current era with the AI era and made a new look that worked in black and honored the AI days. I thought it would have been cool with the black/red/blue trim with the Iverson era Sixers wordmark, and you bring back the gold liberty bell crack on the side of the jersey to add some gold to match the ball in the wordmark. Could even make the bell on the waistband gold. To me, that would have popped and been a better overall look, but what do I know.
  4. As a Sixers fan, I'm pretty disappointed in this rollout. Apparently there's a quote circulating that Chris Heck said he "vowed to never bring back" the AI era jerseys and said they made them look too much like the PIttsburgh Pirates? That's an awful take. The simple answer was honor the AI 2001 team with this uni. You could have easily incorporated the old wordmark onto a trim jersey with blue/red trim and made it work. You even could have kept the gold liberty bell crack to incorporate the gold of the ball in the wordmark. Swing and a miss for the hometeam, IMO.
  5. I'm a big fan of the Pelicans city edition jersey, excited to see the new set! I could totally understand local people being annoyed at the shade of blue though.
  6. Regarding the Sixers info -- the most recent teaser they released the other day seems to support some of this information. If you pause at the 12 second mark on the video, you can see one of the rowers has what appears to be "Philadelphia" written out in full on the chest. I wonder if the "large white number just under the collar" will be #3 or 2001 to honor AI and the finals team?
  7. The pants just looked wet to me. I may be in the minority but I love the red jersey/pewter pants look for the Bucs.
  8. Soooooooo you telling us it's close to exact? please say yes please say yes please say yes Worth noting that Ben Simmons also just teased it and it looks like he's got blue socks on?
  9. My guess is that Liberty Bell symbol there ends up on the center of the waistband, since all teams mostly have them now. The Iverson era jerseys didn't have any logo since the red and gold lines went all the way around. They used a similar bell on the waist band of the city edition last year and the navy blue prototype. They'll probably end up doing an AI era look with a modern flair. Maybe keeping the bell and the bell crack piping along the side since gold goes with that old color palette. No inside info, just predictions.
  10. Wow, that's good Panther knowledge out of you. I know more meow than I did 10 mins ago.
  11. To piggy back off of that, I also hate that the Panthers don't have a black helmet. I think an overhaul to their uniforms would do them wonders. There's so much you can do with that identity.
  12. Anyone know what the Sixers have in store for us? Assuming they'd go Iverson era unis since it's the 20th anniversary of that team, but you never know. Wasn't sure if that was confirmed or just a rumor. FWIW I love the Sixers current Blue/White set, but they've crushed it with their alternate uniforms in recent years. Wouldn't hate it if the parchment paper esque City Edition uni elements became part of their full time brand. It just works.
  13. The Jaguars have been blah since they changed from the Fred Taylor day unis. A few minor tweaks to that set would have been awesome. I personally feel like every identity they've had since that era has fallen short and been missing a few elements that would make them work. I know this is dumb, but it also kind of annoys me how much black they use in their identity since they came in as an expansion team the same year as the Panthers, which, ya know, should be the primary black cat brand. Isn't a panther just a black jaguar anyway?
  14. Not going to lie...I kind of like the Clippers current identity (Blue/White unis, not the black LAC uni) for some reason? Can surely be upgraded, but I'm surprised they are moving on so quickly.
  15. I feel like this was such a lazy albeit temporary update to the helmet. If it were me, I would have kept the stripes, used the new "W" in burgundy with gold trim, threw it in a white circle with gold trim and stopped there. Wouldn't be much of a culture shock and would probably be worthy of a full-time look regardless of what the new nickname becomes. It just doesn't seem necessary to remove the helmet stripes.