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  1. Could I get the following with avatars also please: Jacksonville Jaguars that says "Titans Suck" Miami Hurricanes that says "The U" Thanks
  2. Those are sick, thanks man.
  3. Could I get a Jacksonville Jaguars one with the primary Jag's head And a Miami Hurricanes with the "U" logo And the Arizona Diamondbacks with the black "D" snake logo on their hats with red background Thanks.
  4. Well, I really loved the Twolves older uniforms and logo and think they should go back to it. With that being said, I went back to the older style and gave it a more simple traditional look. I tried to go away with the blue and create an identity using dark grey and green, but the wolves need the blue so I stuck with the blue and green. I don't have the uniforms but they will come later on. SO here it is: C+C Please.
  5. Could I please get a Jacksonville Jaguars one with THIS LOGO, Miami Hurricanes with THIS LOGO, and Carolina Hurricanes with THIS LOGO And the vertical stripe on all of them. Thanks man.
  6. Too much gold, I think the Pirates need the red.
  7. Nvm, this is a year old lol
  8. Can I please have the following: Logo: Jacksonville Jaguars Background Logo: Same as above. Background Color: Teal Outside Stroke Color: Black Logo: Miami Hurricanes "U" Background Logo: Same as above. Background Color: White Outside Stroke Color: Orange Logo: Anaheim Ducks "D" Background Logo: Ducks Script Background Color: Anaheim's Gold color Outside Stroke Color: Black Logo: Carolina Hurricaes flag Background Logo: Hurricanes main logo Background Color: Red Outside Stroke Color: Black Thanks.
  9. These uniforms are fine, I don't know what the big deal is. They will look good on the field when their wearing the helmets. They got simplicity because that's what they wanted. There's nothing on the sleeves because Wayne Weaver felt the players have them rolled up anyways to even see anything. Whether this is true or not who cares, the logos the same, the wordmark looks good, and the helmet is sick so I'm happy. So I really don't care if I'm the only one that likes them because nothing is worse then The Titans. Their numbers look like their from Star Trek.
  10. There's absolutely nothing wrong with these uniforms, that's not even being biased.
  11. Your ignorance shows you know nothing about the situation.
  12. On both the jersey and pants they have two strips white and black. They both stop on the back of the jersey mid way. I really don't find it that odd though. But I'll have to wait till Wednesday to determine my feelings about it.
  13. Alright, here is my second concept. Some may think they this looks college or arena league, but I tried to make it look as different as possible with the same professional image. With the Jaguars coming out with a completely different unique look, I tired to use it as a guideline for this design. -No more orange -Red, Pewter, and Black -Number font the same -Helmet black -Facemask black -Piping that leads to the back below the numbers, (ex. Old Miami Hurricanes look) -Solid pants with logo
  14. I'm really starting to like these more than I expected. was right when they said they would be unique to the NFL.