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  1. Hey guys! I did a quick mock up last night and just wanted to share. This Cardinals concept is a coincidental mix of the original colors of crimson and cream from the franchise's earliest days, the popular Arizona flag implementation into uniform elements (especially as we see in concepts on here), and wanting to give them something different than just the white and red. It's hard to showcase on a flat template but the helmet is bronze, numbers have a sheen to them. I actually thought the patch on the Rams uniform was a cool addition to the collars so I put the flag inside. I'm in the work day but I will flush these out with an away set later! Thanks for letting me share!
  2. The new Rams reporter for The Athletic is contending that the bone jersey is not the official away uniform and apparently required special approval from the league? (why, wouldn't it just be an alternate? Wouldn't the special approval be making it a road jersey?) I wonder if there's a white uniform that never made it out of production because of COVID so they are getting approval to wear the bone, or that an away uniform was so bad they scrapped it? Who knows But the bone jersey is an utter catastrophe. I have no idea what's going on with anything in it. The sleeves are so confusing. It doesn't look good.
  3. Oh, I don't have a hard time believing that AT ALL
  4. "I also feel like the chrome facemask, while maybe not entirely original, fits really well with the Falcons' shiny chrome stadium and giant titanium bird. That said, it would look infinitely better with a silver pants option to balance it out more. " Spot on.
  5. I created a photo thread on Twitter that breaks down how many tired and failed Nike elements are in these uniforms, for those here who I know are more interested than my Twitter followers lol
  6. Good start, but there are some things you could tweak. For one, the frequency of the striping is different across the mediums. Even though the tiger striping theme is consistent, the actual volume of striping is not, so the uniform looks a bit disjointed -- almost as if someone took the Bengals 80s, 90s, and 2000s unioforms and mixed and matched them. I'd go back, pay attention to the application scale, just as you would with classic stripes. Also, as much as I would like the Bengals to drop the Reebok font they have, plain white block isn't really inspiring. Simple uniforms look great but gain their uniqueness from the simplest things and that includes the font choice. I'd go with something more block custom.
  7. WHY do people prefer Patriot Pat over Flying Elvis? Logos are supposed to be abstract, and the current Patriots logo as another poster said is perfect for a football helmet -- forward facing logos just flat out work. There isn't anything in the design that you can argue is fundamentally bad, it's just not some people's cut of tea. How is that miles worse than a logo that can't be embroidered, isn't facing and includes shades of brown? The absolute marriage people have with old, inferior logos blows my mind. There are a lot of BAD modern applications of logos out there but Flying Elvis is one of the best and now one of the most iconic.
  8. For reasons I can't explain: soccer jerseys can be worn any day of the week, any scenario All others, it's kind of odd unless it's gameday. But only for football. Baseball and basketball if you're going, or if it's a playoff game. These are the rules
  9. TV numbers aren't necessary with the quality of the monitors that folks in booths have now. I say scrap them and give more real estate for unique designs. In some cases, TV numbers can make a jersey look more complete. But in others, there's no need. The Chargers wanted to bring back the helmet numbers here so there's really no point in having TV numbers on top of that. Would be like when the Panthers had the Panther logo on the side of the helmet, jersey and pants.
  10. Perfection. These even look more classic than the original uniforms in the 60s because they are just so clean. Love how they didn't squeeze TV numbers on there. The pants are perfect. MAYBE you make the bolts powder blue with yellow trim on the white jersey and pants, but overall these are so easy on the eyes and don't have any loose ends.
  11. The way modern shoulder stripes look these days doesn't really bother me. Because the way jersey cuts are different, it does feel natural for them to stop at those certain points around the shoulder. Remember when LSU tried to make stripes with Nike that went further down, just to appease the crowd that wanted it? It looked awful. To me, it's like racing stripes on a car ... it runs over the spot seen, you don't run it under the bottom.
  12. I've seen some crazy takes on these boards and thinking that the all-white and black "color rush" uniforms are better than their regular roads is by far one of the craziest.
  13. Becuase one is executed very well with attention to detail, while the other looks like a mailed-in order from a high school
  14. I love how the other day we thought TV numbers were mandatory because Cleveland apparently wanted to go without them on their color rush jersey. Then we find out through the Patriots that TV numbers aren't mandatory.
  15. the road jersey is an eyesore. The extra grey border in the numbers is fine on the home because it blens in more, but for the road it sticks out and contrasts horribly with the new shouler stripes.
  16. What is the point in everything looking "good" and "traditional." What defines good? I'm always looking for teams to do something that's unique to them, otherwise we'd have a bunch of teams with northwestern stripes running around. The Bills have that tapered red stripe in their logo, why not use it anywhere they want? That makes them more unique than wearing a standard helmet stripe. And it doesn't look bad.
  17. What in the world makes something "necessary" in uniform design? I don't get these takes.
  18. Yeah - I hate the logic of "this stripe SHOULD be this because it's this on this. No, the double orange bars are uniform for the home uniform and the road uniform. If the sleeve stripe on the home is white-orange-white-orange-white, why not argue the stripe on the pants shouldn't have a brown fill? You see? Why is one perfect and not the other. The home uniform is uniform because it has double orange stripes, and gets its completeness from the fact there are variations to add color and fill. The road unform is uniform because it has double orange stripes, and gets its completeness from the fact every single stripe sequence is the same. Those two are perfect in themselves. Saying the striping patterns need to be a certain way to be perfect is overthinking it.
  19. It doesn't HAVE to be that way. I think the fact the double orange bars run through a brown background on all three pieces makes the road uniform look even better than it would if the brown pants were made to have white in the stripe.
  20. I know people are trashing the ATL thing, but it is widely popular with Falcons fans I know ... including many a bit older than me (I'm 30). Seemed like most of the local radio guys who are much older thought that was the redeeming quality of the jerseys, but I know we are much more detail-oriented and have different taste, on the whole, on these boards. I personally wish the Falcons would embrace a more classic look. They don't have a winning history, but they are just as classic (outside of rings) as the Vikings or Cowboys as NFL teams from the 60s. They don't need to feel like they HAVE to go for an ultra-modern aesthetic (which is what got them in a templated that looked insanely outdated very quickly the last time they redesigned). Minnesota is the perfect example. They too are a 60s team, that has moved into an ultra modern stadium, but still has kept their uniforms pretty basic. They don't feel like they need to push into anything other than what works for them, and they took made a mistake with a Reebok template that was cool for like 2 seconds. I was hoping Atlanta would follow that lead, but it's clear they wanted something modern and different as they continue to try to discover the brand. If that is the case and intent, using ATL on the chest really isn't a gimmick. It's at least something to grasp onto that speaks to the brand, much like how the chrome facemask -- while generic in a vaccuum -- really speaks to the robo bird (see my avatar) and the metallic feel you get when you walk up to MBS. It's not my preference, but there was intent behind this and I think it will grow on people. The ATL wordmark is going to make these sell like hot cakes with Falcons fans, whether the people on these boards like it or not.
  21. I am not going to take these as exact, but the home and road look great outside of the socks on the road -- I would hope those would be double striped like the pants. The Browns look best when the stripe sequence is consistent, which is why those brown pants look great! They match with the sleeve stripe but also the white pant. Those away socks have an extra stripe for no reason, so it looks busier, and doesn't mix and match as well. It's the little things...
  22. These have grown on me more and more throughout the day. I wanted something that tied into the Falcons logo and edgier, bolder feelings you get from Mercedes Benz Stadium (which in itself is a big part of the team brand), instead of the boring, curvy, generic Reebok uniforms that never felt right. While these are OUT THERE, they are very specifically Atlanta. Love the ATL mark. I don't mind the big numbers. I think as long as they wear the right combinations these will look clean, outside of the failed alternate uniform. I like them.
  23. If they wear the right combinations, these are going to look fine. Different, but very cool. The old uniforms never reflected the brand that the 2003 logo -- one that is the centerpiece of the brand, and really the brand itself -- conveyed. These do. The number font is edgier, and I like the black/white and road combinations just fine. The silver really ties into the feel you get going to a Falcons game. The metallic stadium, the giant metallic bird outside of it! lol The only true disappointment I have with these is the red jersey is a major dud. The red pants also don't seem like they will work with any jersey combination. But if they wear the right combinations, these are going to be really clean and cool.
  24. I'm already in a bad mood about the Falcons uniforms and have never yelled at someone on these boards before so here it goes: You don't know WHEN these photos were taken. Also, you probably saw that graphic that showed people in the south were still traveling 6+ miles from home well after others stopped -- but that is because many people in the south are miles away from essential goods and services. Before I go back on topic I just wanted to point this out and kindly tell you to f--- off with this nonsense.