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  1. I've got a wildcard prediction: the Falcons will add a grey pant to their set. I think it's definitely notable that they unveiled red pants and red socks but never used them, probably because they were so soundly rejected by fans. A lot of fans asked for grey pants after the unveil because of how it would balance out the facemask, and the top brass with the Falcons/ATLUTD have a pretty good track record of listening and reading the room.
  2. The Jaguars without gold accents will always look cheap, like a high school team that knew a uniform order would be more expensive by the color.
  3. Just combining different logos and jersey elements isn't doing it for me.
  4. Yes, the "Yoda" logo. That's how I'm going to have to start this one. For those who have been following my NFL uniform concept series, you know I've made a few presentation adjustments here or there. But, overall, I have stuck to basic template fiddling and uniform concepts. Well, one thing I am hoping to get better at is actual logo design, and I will say, even after many years and some pretty silly posts on these boards I love to go back and laugh at, I know I have a long way to go. This concept is more of just a raw, mid-work start on the New York Jets -- so, since I am approaching this concept more from a working standpoint, I do hope the mods see it fit for me to start its own thread. Once I feel I like the result, I will run it back through the series, since many of the other teams will not be getting full logo treatments. There's two concepts here. The first, which is where I started, is an attempt at returning the Jets back to the original Titans colors (with some hue tweaks). As I was making the change, I realized the color scheme does work really well with the moniker because you can make a pilot uniform. I used a silhouette of the Empire State Building on pilot wings as the starter for the logo. The main goal here was simple -- make something that is more than just a wordmark and a football. But, I wanted to push the envelope. As I have said in my series, I really like getting funky with concepts. I've been on these boards for years, and over time you see a lot of the same great, well executed ideas. For me, I am trying to get people to go "woah wtf" more often than going "oh, nice." Because that's how I kind of experience these boards lol. So...this helmet. Is something. I ran the building onto the helmet bumper from the front-facing logo. The jerseys also do not have NOB, but instead names as patches. This is operating under the idea the NFL would for some reason remove requirements for nameplates, which aren't really all that necessary, especially with smaller rosters and no duplicate numbers, like you get in college or high school where nameplates are not required. Concept No. 2 is more conventional. I tweaked the colors, using a green closer to the State of Liberty's seafoam hue, but too light, and going from black to a "gunmetal" deep grey. Think Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but green instead of red. I also switched up the tower, trying to make this one a bit more streamlined and have less roundels in it. The choice for me is a building I have not seen in a logo yet, Freedom Tower. I hope, sincerely, that this seems tastefully done as kind of an ode to New York taking flight once again -- showing resilience, as I believe that tower does, while keeping with the aviation theme. Afterall, the goal here is to convey New York and Jets, together. Would love feedback on that part, which could be a good learning experience for me when it comes to intentional branding. With the uniforms, they're pretty simple, and use the diagonal shape from the tower in the pant stripe. This is all I have for tonight, but tomorrow I do want to try some more color variations. To me, the current uniforms kind of give off a Marshall Thundering Herd vibe, and I think I can use more white and different color sequences to make these speak more to the 80s uniforms that are so popular. All feedback is welcome! I really do love sharing my doodles here. (EDIT: Just noticed my dimensions were a bit off on my Dribbble upload, so we are missing some margins but no worries, everything is there!)
  5. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES A lot of Eagles concepts I see are a return to Kelly green, so I wanted to make midnight green work for the concept. I did tweak the color from the current to look a tad less teal, because in real life the Eagles can look really teal sometimes. I also wanted to scrap both black and charcoal and replace them, so the scheme here is simply green, and silver. But, there's a twist. I'm a HUGE fan of the way the Eagles social posts have looked with dark green and the brighter, almost neon green. In the spirit of keeping to the one helmet rule, the alternate replaces the traditional colors with hints of bright green. I figured the green would be popping off in so many places that I didn't want to overdesign the alternate/ The socks are really the main feature of the alternate (and if anyone is wondering, I am planning some new things for Seattle, so this won't be a competing aesthetic) I love the Eagles 70s uniforms, so I wanted to bring back that style. The number font is new and more complimentary to the font, which is also toned down from the 90s-style wordmark they have. A big try here is to let a custom font and a classic style exist together. I know it's probably going to be a point of emphasis for some, but I really hate feeling like every classic uniform needs block numbers. I never have had issues with combining the two, so this is a take on some personal taste.
  6. I can't stand the Steelers' color rush uniform, but I love the idea of them using those black pants on the road with the white jerseys. They complement the helmet really well. I just don't like the all yellow and black jerseys, really makes everything unbalanced with the lack of white.
  7. I'm hoping the Falcons go black-on-white today at home. Only three home games left, including today, and they still have not worn that combo which is the best in their set. Throwbacks next week. Also, I am curious if they will ever trot out the red pants, which looked awful in the reveal
  8. Those Oregon uniforms are stunning. It takes some serious innovation and design skills and production techniques to make something like that. For Oregon, that's a uniform like we have never seen before. Definitely seems to be taking the liberty TCU did with the objects around the collarbone area and taking it to the next level. I love the texture, and the thought process behind it. Right up my alley in every way. Really cool.
  9. Kent State should be forced to forfreit every game and leave the field because of how terrible their uniforms are week-in and out
  10. The tire tread design on the stripes, you freaking genius. Well done.
  11. Hello friends. Big delay in this project because of some things I've run into in life lately, nothing bad, just backed up. I have a lot done, it's just about transferring them onto my template for exporting and I will admit, this laptop runs a bit slow and Inkscape can be buggy. But more to come, thanks for all of the feedback and appreciation for these concepts. I really do love making them and sharing them with this community.
  12. There's going to be people who always hate the Falcons uniforms, and that's fair. Sometimes, I can't get enough of them, because in terms of the number font being aligned with the brand, the helmet finish, and how clean they are, I still think they are just fundamentally better than the Reebok uniforms. But, sometimes they just don't I have just finished browsing around old images and have logged my brain with beautiful, traditionally striped uniforms, then seeing the Falcons is kind of jarring. They're very enigmatic for me because on one hand, they accomplished the changes I wanted to see, but on the other they are overall so foreign to look at. With all of that said, I think there's a big chunk of people who will be pleasantly surprised when they wear the black jerseys with white pants. Kind of shocked that hasn't happened yet. The all-black looks bad because of a monochrome/compression pants fad that has taken over the league.
  13. City is what I meant in that description, it's worded correctly higher up. Sure am showing off my rust as a former copy editor!
  14. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS This is a concept I have shared before, however with some significant tweaks. The circular number feature on the helmet is both a representation of a number on the side of a racecar and the flag of Indianpolis, as the central goal here is to take a franchise that has had the same aesthetic that it did in Baltimore and make it more centric to the current town. The switch from over-the-top shoulder stripes to "racing stripes" is also a subtle change with a racecar in mind. Some nods to the 80s uniforms from when the team first moved to Indianapolis are the hints of grey in the Nike checks (the original Indy Colts had grey pants and grey in their stripes), and the logo on the pant stripe, which was also an element of the 80s. The Colts' franchise's original uniforms included red, and because red is in the state flag, it's dipped into the uniform here -- only on the helmet, and in the away jersey. The challenge here was to find a way to incorporate a color without feeling it needed to be balanced throughout the uniform. The bumper script is changed from home to away. The new all-blue shell has a satin finish, much like Georgia State's all-blue helmet. A white facemask is available for any week as a changeup. No alternate jerseys here. For a franchise that has had strict home and road looks for so long, the deviation is in the return of alternate blue pants.
  15. Thanks everyone so far for the feedback! Once all 32 teams are posted (we're going to speed up a bit here in the next few days), I definitely want to go back and try out some suggestions from you guys as supplemental content.
  16. THE (EXPLETIVE) NEW ORLEANS SAINTS I already had the Saints done, pretty much, but went back and tweaked them today after getting some inspiration from the new Vegas Golden Knights jerseys (which are AMAZING). The change was to add, much like with Cincinnati, some detail in the sleeve cuffs and jersey collar. I sublimated some French ironwork into the cuffs, collar and jersey stripes, but the intention here is for the pattern to be VERY subtle -- something you can see while holding the jersey in your hand, but not too distracting on TV or in person watching the game. If you use social media, you may notice the new SAINTS wordmark. That is the font the team uses on its social posts now, and I quite like it as an upgrade. The gold is, out of necessity, switched back to a brass color (because, why in the world are the Saints not brass?). We also go back to the original logo without unnecessary strokes, which is made much larger on the helmet. There's also some LSU inspiration here: the shoulder stripes are straight out of Baton Rouge, and the white primary home uniform is a nod both to LSU and the Saints' past as a team that loves to wear white at home. The BIGGEST intention with this concept was taking one of the plainest NFL uniforms of all time, in their current state, and giving them the the identity that truly fits the wonderful brand. I used a version of clarendon, which complements the ironworks design really well. The numbers are dark enough on the white jersey to be visible, and have a brassy, shiny finish. And of course, a "Mardi Gras" themed alternate. I did not want to go super crazy here, so the move is just to recolor, as the shoulder stripes and pant stripes naturally can be sequenced like the Mardi Gras flag. The helmet is plain, instead of striped, to look more like a bead.
  17. Just a quick note that the Dolphins have been updated with a few more alternates. I am continuing to go back and add some detailing (editing side views of helmets, showing more alternates, taking out the unnecessary slides). The Saints are coming up later. Excited to show them to you guys.
  18. Beautiful colors for Washington, and that type of finish on the helmet in that color I know looks great in real life. Super classy.
  19. Quick update: I uploaded a Packers update with another alternate and a third jersey if you guys want to take a look.
  20. Since posting this, I've come to realize that a critcism in reality would be the "deodorant stain" jerseys, lol. Okay, I'm going to meet Diet halfway and remove the gradient from the jersey and make a few adjustments, but I do think it can still exist in balance in the helmet and socks. Stand by!
  21. CINCINNATI BENGALS About eight years ago I tried out a Bengals concept with an orange stripe down the crown of a white helmet. This is a rehash of that idea, but as a gradient at the lower part of the helmet shell that more mimics the underbelly of a bengal tiger. The idea is to add detail and freshen the helmet without ridding of the classic design. I didn't want to muck up the pant cohesion by putting the gradient on there, and felt the sock which are traditionally color-on-white would be a natural place to run a gradient through some stripes and balance the design. Custom font that is closer to the team font, no more drop shadows. The far superior bengal head logo shows up on the uniform for the first time, while the B monogram is stitched onto a patch on the back of the jersey. "CIN" on the helmet bumper also uses a gradient. The shade of orange is slightly more red as a nod to the Reds and Bearcats.
  22. Sure, but as I've pointed out -- this entire concept series is in a vacuum. Dallas won't look like the Dallas you're used to
  23. NEW YORK GIANTS Collars and cuffs incorporate 80s style piping. Number font adjusted to have more curvature, like the primary logo Return to a deeper shade of blue. The vertical sock stripe is not only inspired by uniform styles of the earliest NFL era, but also the appearance of a stirrup The inspiration for the stirrup stripe comes from the alternate uniform, dubbed the "Gotham" uniform. The grey with white piping is a nod to the New York Yankees.