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  1. as lions fan hate it it first reminded me of sonic the hedgehoge
  2. i double piped it but it didnt show up that well nevermind
  3. Rvieth07319

    Braves Concept

    i like them nice work but only for alts or bp
  4. those are sweet nice work
  5. i dont know how to make it a sig out of paint help???????????? nevermind i got it
  6. Could you plz make me one of detroit tigers and pistons and lions and wolverines
  7. how do i get a pic for a sig i tried copy and paste that didnt work can anyone PLEASE HELP me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thx
  8. i have a question about sigs how do i get the pic i want i tried copy and paste and that didnt work HELP!
  9. Im a big tigers fan and i love it Tigers are gonna win wild card
  10. you should of took your time match the colors make the logos fit inside the jersey pipe the jersey i think they could look a lot better but take time
  11. i tried revising this hope it works CAN ANYONE HELP AND tell me how i could get the piping to show better
  12. I piped it in red but it didnt show up that well any suggestions but i prob should use brighter red??