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  1. Wow. Yet another team makes things worse for 2020. Is the concept of 'uniformity" gone from MLB uniform sets? And the split "n" in "Rangers" is just lame.
  2. Dear god these things are awful. Brown and pinstripes: a Stephen King nightmare of a uniform.
  3. Well, we now know that at least one team will not be embroidering swooshes onto leftover Majestic jerseys. This set is an upgrade, IMO, but I still hate the number font. I think the Los D-Backs is the best of the set, and is--at least temporarily--apparently sans swoosh.
  4. Don't much care about the Phillies, but the Orioles made a huge mistake when they dropped the white outline on the blacks and roads. If anything, they should have added white trim to the numbers on the roads.
  5. Regarding the Redskins... 1) They wore a better version of those jerseys in 1994. This year's number font was awful. 2) No team not named the Dung Beetles should ever, ever wear those helmets. Looked like a bunch of guys with big round turds on their heads. Just because computers allow you to do something, doesn't mean you should do it.
  6. For as little as they've changed, I think the Redskins look annoying. The giant collar has driven the front numbers almost into the pants and the side numbers look awful. They're too small, too vertical and too skinny. Also, the new, non ribbed sleeve stripes look like something off a cheap replica. It's a minor fail, but it's a fail nonetheless.
  7. I'm not the biggest fan of monochrome white, so I could live with this set and gray pants, but these jerseys blow the current ones away.
  8. One other thing those photos brings to mind: how much better those Saints' black pants (w/ stripes) look than the current ones (w/o stripes) do.
  9. 1. The Skins uniforms are painfully ugly. The Jags plain and simple uniforms are 1000 times better then those 1976 models that the Skins keep trotting out. 2. They have 9 straight sell-outs. They ain't going anywhere. 1. You, sir, are incorrect. 2. I heard the nine straight sell outs mentioned on TV. So, what's the deal with the tarps, and where were all those ticket holders today? This game had playoff implications for Jacksonville and I saw entire empty sections in that stadium.
  10. Watching Redskins at Jaguars today, it's striking how much better the Skins' uniforms look (despite the pick your own TV number font thing they have going on). In addition to being badly designed, the Jaguars' uniforms are badly executed...hell, the jerseys aren't even all the same color. I hope they get rid of this set when they leave Jacksonville...and from the number of empty seats and tarped over sections visible today, that shouldn't be too far down the road.
  11. The Bengals jersey is an alternate, not a throwback. The Redskins did wear yellow pants and white jersey with that logo back in the '70s... You know, I can live with the four unmatched stripe sets when the Redskins wear the gold pants with the burgundy jerseys...but the white over gold set is a bridge too far for me. Bruce Allen may think he's honoring his daddy with this mess, but George Allen's only contribution to the 70s Redskins set is the helmet, which they've worn ever since. The pants...those were Vince Lombardi's idea...he basically put the Skins in re-colored Packers unis. What did the Skins win in that set? One NFC title. What did they win in the set they've worn since '79? One NFC title...and THREE SUPER BOWLS. All you need to do with the Skins regular set is narrow the pants stripe. If you want to drop the white pants for gold...OK, I guess. BUT DON'T WEAR 'EM WITH THE WITH THE WHITE JERSEYS!
  12. "Hey, look! We just put two-color (ugh!) placket piping on every jersey...except the road!" WTF? They take the time to fix the 'h', but don't make the piping consistent with the rest of the set??? And I firmly agree that two-color braid sucks. Give me one color or three color as well.
  13. I kept thinking "something's off here" looking at the Cleveland set and then I realized...they're showing REPLICA jerseys. Look under Wahoo and what don't you see? The Majestic logo. The lettering on all these looks wrong...because it is wrong. Not a textile script, but a painted one.
  14. The new road jersey is making me very, very sleepy. A definite downgrade from the previous road jersey. Also, anybody else notice they decided to debut their set by showing us the REPLICA jerseys? No wonder the lettering looks like crap.
  15. The trim on the prototype is fatter than on the current road jersey.