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  1. I have to say that the "Guardians" font reminds me of the Kinston Indians...like, a lot reminds me of the Kinston Indians. I don't like it when teams use script at home and block on the road (or vice versa). And I really, really wish the plaque of custom number fonts would end. MLB block is perfectly fine, and the teams using it should continue to. Except for the first point, I'm sure that MLB would say "the youths" who don't care about MLB disagree strongly with my points. I'm sure that Nike and MLB have a series of worse designs on tap for release after the World Series, and we'll all forget about this in the deluge of awful they unleash then. Your mileage may vary.
  2. Wow. Yet another team makes things worse for 2020. Is the concept of 'uniformity" gone from MLB uniform sets? And the split "n" in "Rangers" is just lame.
  3. Dear god these things are awful. Brown and pinstripes: a Stephen King nightmare of a uniform.
  4. Well, we now know that at least one team will not be embroidering swooshes onto leftover Majestic jerseys. This set is an upgrade, IMO, but I still hate the number font. I think the Los D-Backs is the best of the set, and is--at least temporarily--apparently sans swoosh.
  5. Maybe we need the following categorization: home, road, alternate, special. The latter category would cover TATC, TBTC, and other one-offs like the Cardinals jersey. One season jerseys, like the White Sox have done recently, could fall either into the alternate or special category.
  6. I do own the jersey. On both this jersey and the mesh BP of the period, the birds are chainstiched onto white (tackle twill?) fabric, which was then sewn onto the jersey. Oddly enough, my BPs have velcro closures between the 2nd and 3rd buttons, but this jersey does not.
  7. No agenda other than accuracy. And FWIW, I've started working with him to at least improve the Brewers section. I really want it to be a credible guide, it just isn't there yet. As for the Cards, I would love any actual evidence that the red they wore was not BP but an actual honest-to-goodness alt, making the Yankees the only team in the modern era to have but one home and one road jersey. Maybe if Chris has the style guide - what year would that have been? I talked to Bill about helping him with the Orioles section way back when he did the first version of the CD, but never got around to it. I'm lazy that way...
  8. My Tigers 1995 game worn alternate jersey. Shows evidence of light wear and washing.
  9. My Cardinals MDA Day alternate jersey from 1999. It is KNIT. Sorry about the first photo, it's much too bright. Color is more accurate in second shot. I don't know if they're still doing it, but the Cards used to auction off the Labor Day jerseys for the MDA. This one I would call issued, not worn, as it's pretty crisp. All those jerseys needed was a front number and they would have been PERFECT.
  10. The Cardinals wore a red, knit jersey for the MDA game one year. I own one. Since it was a one-off, I don't know if it counts.
  11. Based on your thread title, I was expecting news, not fantasy. No knock on the Tampa area at all, but it seems to me that there's about a zero % this gets built. I definitely knock the idea of blue and gold uniforms, though!
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