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  1. I'm pretty sure they said that last time as well and the facemask and logo changed. I wouldn't read too deep into that.
  2. I would love to see them rock that look with orange socks and orange accessories.
  3. Wow thank you for the detailed advice. I will definitely take note of all of this in my next update, especially adding shadows to the bottoms of the shoes. Currently i do have this set up so that i can change the colors on each uniform piece on each player individually but i am working on making it more efficient in a way similar to what you described. I want to be able to easily swap new templates in and out as well as shift them left or right by a few pixels so i don't want to combine too many layers that would prevent me from doing that. As for striping, I like what what you have in mind but i don't think I would like the brown pants having a stripe so wide.
  4. Here is V2 of the concept
  5. That was not intentional, i just didn't have any vapor untouchable templates where the model had his skin complexion.
  6. Here is my idea of what it would look like with white pants. I do see all the flaws that you guys have mentioned. I plan on making another version with orange, brown and white on each piece of the uniform to make it more balanced.
  7. So a uniform for the browns with no actual brown in it? Ill pass. That would look good for tennessee but not cleveland. I am open to that and may try a few different fonts.
  8. Here is the full set. I am working on the white pants now.
  9. I am currently working on the away, it just takes so long to make edits due the the file being gigantic. I will also do one with the middle stripe as white.
  10. Thanks. This is my own personal template I made.
  11. Has anyone seen this picture? Check out the brown helmet in the back.