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    ANYTHING to do with Team Sports. I cant make logos but I love to see the concepts and stuff people come up with on here. So are extremely impressive.

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  1. thats what happens when ur team owner cares more about beating the cubs than the Indians. Kinda interested to see if they make the playoffs at all now. Hope they dont.
  2. wow thanks thats really cool. Im putting it in my myspace right now:)thanks
  3. that looks cool. could you make me one with the Bulls, Cubs, Colts, Pacers and Purdue? If you have to have a sixth team to make it even you could add the Bears for me. thanks in advance. that is neat.
  4. I never liked the Orioles logos. If that bird (the more serious one) isnt their current logo what is? They need to use those O's hats all the time. They are more respectable then all the bird hats. I like Alt1 alot.
  5. Even though it didnt take alot of time, I like it better than 90% of the DRays concepts out there. Simple. Frankly though, the DRays need a whole overhaul. but thats another post for another day.
  6. I was about to say, Red is too prominent in the MLB. Id like to see a black rangers jersey with red and blue. Keep the flag on the sleeve. Even if you make it the primary logo it could work. put it on the chest and get rid of the rangers script. I think black body, blue piping, red arms and the Texas lone star flag would be amazing as a logo. Still good job. I like where your going with that. Needs a little work but I like it.