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  1. I prefer blue/gold more than blue/yellow, but yeah I'd guess that you're in the minority as far as that opinion goes. Different strokes though.
  2. It looks like the Bears will be putting the GSH initials on the back of their hats this year, if pictures from the Lids website are any indication http://www.lids.com/NFL/Chicago-Bears/20530670
  3. Which is EXACTLY why the Oilers and Islanders are decked out in gaudy 80s unis. They look terrible, but OH MY GOD DYNASTY GLORY DAYS GRETZKY POTVIN MESSIER!!!111! I do wish the Oilers had kept copper/navy instead of going back to orange/royal blue, but the Islanders hardly look terrible, and color criticism aside I'd definitely extend that to the Oilers as well. Part of it is that their previous sets are both hideous, but I was born after both the Islanders and Oilers dynasties and I still think that they're great looks.
  4. There needs to be more gold on the jersey itself. Why didn't you make the shoulder loops gold too? That throwback is a beauty, though. Also the name of this topic is incredibly misleading
  5. Weird totally inconsequential thing I noticed while watching the CBJ-NSH highlights - Daniel Bang of the Predators had the old Reebox on the back of his sweater instead of the Reebok wordmark. Those pop up every so often so it's not a huge deal, but the curious thing is that the Predators switched to those jerseys the season Reebok switched to using the wordmark, so it's not theoretically like it's an old jersey that snuck onto the ice or anything.
  6. I'm not really sure what you're complaining about. This was a perfectly befitting logo for a year when all the best teams in the league were knocked out of the playoffs before the calendar even flipped to May. I've always hated that notion that "the best team didn't win". If they were so damn good they wouldn't have been eliminated, they had 7 games to prove they were the better team. Seven games is a relatively small sample size, especially compared to a typical 82-game season (which obviously is not happening this year, but I digress). Crazy things can happen in seven games or four games or however many a series takes. That's what's exciting about any playoffs - the potential for an eight seed to beat a one seed or whatever.
  7. Wouldn't mind it if they wore a STL version of this.
  8. As much as I /get/ this point of view, it's not like suddenly in the 90s the Cardinals decided to make navy blue a team color. Being a 90s kid, I'm used to the navy blue hats. They make me think of going to weekend Cubs-Cardinals games at Wrigley Field and watching the Cubs generally get beat up by Albert Pujols and Jim Edmonds and Scott Rolen and all those other wonderful human beings. Someone earlier said they wished there was a Red Vs Blue option, and if there were I would have voted for that. Those road hats are too gorgeous to mothball though, as much as it disgusts me to say it, so had to pick the fulltime option.
  9. I'm not too sure if I like this new branding. Somewhat unrelated, but the second picture on the main headlines of the website is Clayton Kershaw pitching, and man those grey crown caps are horrendous. Don't know why they couldn't have just gone blue crown/silver brim.
  10. Browns-Redskins is actually a really gorgeous matchup.
  11. The worst part about them is that they INSIST on wearing them against the Packers for whatever reason.
  12. Not really "pointless" since the Texas flag is red, white, and blue..... Still, I'd hate for the Stars to change their colors. It's like I said earlier, they are the only major professional sports in this state with no red, blue, or silver in their scheme, making them unique here. The orange and white Houston Dynamos kindly disagree
  13. I think the thing that bothers me about this set is the all blue cap. It's already kind of a dull set, uniform-wise - using the blue/orange cap as the full time hat and tossing in the orange one on occasions would bring a bit of brightness to the net. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if they went orange full time at home and blue/orange on the road. I dunno. The 2000s set was kind of a mess, but I think I liked it more than this. Of course, they could have just brought back the 90s set and I would have been a big fan.
  14. Maybe I'm the only one, but I think Northwestern looks so much better with the black top/purple pants look than any other combination they have.