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  1. If I can ever find an on-field polyester Cubs road hat in size 7 1/2 I'll be over the moon
  2. I love that Roenick jersey, he was my favorite Blackhawk as a kid. I recently picked up a CCM replica off of eBay for $30 and plan on getting it customized to be a Roenick with the 75th anniversary patch as well.
  3. ^I'd love to see all of your jerseys, especially if they're a bunch of 90s ones. I love all four of the ones in your signature.
  4. I'll never be able to collect jerseys for teams other than the ones I support. It just feels kind of wrong to me, y'know? Here's what I've got, though: Baseball: Cubs Greg Maddux home replica (from his second stint) Cubs Rich Harden road replica Football: Bears Rex Grossman alt replica Bears Devin Hester home replica Hockey: Blackhawks blank home (at the time) authentic Blackhawks Patrick Kane black alt replica Blackhawks blank road (at the time) replica With any luck, I'll have a fourth to add in a couple of hours Basketball: Bulls Michael Jordan black alt replica Indiana Keith Smart road replica Soccer: Arsenal Andrei Arshavin 08/10 primary replica longsleeve Arsenal Thierry Henry 05/06 Highbury farewell replica longsleeve USMNT blank (soon to be Stuart Holden) 2010 clash replica Real Madrid David Beckham 04/05 primary replica (got it from a friend for free, couldn't say no) Bayern Munich blank 03/04 primary replica
  5. 1 - The correct answer is YES, not probably 2 - Post it here, and I'm betting someone who knows Arsenal Kits would shoot that down in a hurry. As someone who has purchased a couple of fake soccer jerseys, it's actually a little bit harder to discern the authenticity of one from a picture if there are no glaring issues. Often the issues with soccer jerseys pertain to the material the numbers are made out of (if you bought a jersey at the store that was name/numbered, it would have felt letters while fakes usually have some sort of plastic-y material) and the material the actual jersey is made out of, although that can vary. If it was purchased from China though, it's a fake. No doubt.
  6. This reminds me - I was watching the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions DVD and I noticed that during the parade, some of the players were wearing replicas and some players were wearing authentic jerseys. It was pretty obvious too - the film crew would be filming above the shoulders, so you could see the sleeve patches fairly clearly.
  7. I love the Buffalo Bills logo. I'm a fan of the current Calgary Flames uniforms, crazy piping and flag patches included. I don't like the Canadiens road jersey as a part of their identity because the striping is different (it's nice on its own, though). The Blackhawks road jersey is much better than their home jersey. I think the Canucks' identity right now is fantastic, and I think the stick-in-rink logo is vastly overrated. The Indians throwback unis got boring a year ago. Throwback unis in general are starting to bug me when they're included as part of a uniform package. If it's a one-off then fine, but it's just frustrating to see teams abusing their classic looks for money. I don't mind when teams use their team names on road jerseys. I think soccer jerseys look empty without sponsors. And finally, my most unpopular opinion - I LOVE the Cubs "Cuba" road jersey. I think it's much better than the bland "CHICAGO" wordmarks they used before and after.
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