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  1. I'll never be able to collect jerseys for teams other than the ones I support. It just feels kind of wrong to me, y'know? Here's what I've got, though:


    Cubs Greg Maddux home replica (from his second stint)

    Cubs Rich Harden road replica


    Bears Rex Grossman alt replica

    Bears Devin Hester home replica


    Blackhawks blank home (at the time) authentic

    Blackhawks Patrick Kane black alt replica

    Blackhawks blank road (at the time) replica

    With any luck, I'll have a fourth to add in a couple of hours


    Bulls Michael Jordan black alt replica

    Indiana Keith Smart road replica


    Arsenal Andrei Arshavin 08/10 primary replica longsleeve

    Arsenal Thierry Henry 05/06 Highbury farewell replica longsleeve

    USMNT blank (soon to be Stuart Holden) 2010 clash replica

    Real Madrid David Beckham 04/05 primary replica (got it from a friend for free, couldn't say no)

    Bayern Munich blank 03/04 primary replica

  2. 90860803771016249842.jpg

    No, sir, I don't like it. It just confused me as a kid because it looked like the C was being crossed out, and I couldn't tell with what. Why do you cross out your own insignia? Now I know that they are tomahawks, but it still looks pretty bad.

    Crossing out the C is a fundamental error to me. The tomahawks should be supporting it, not covering it. Putting them in the back says, "Yeah, well if you try to cross Chicago, you'll have us tomahawks to worry about!" They would be backing up the city, not blotting it out.

    I hate the sans-serif C so much.

  3. I bought a Fabregas #4 Arsenal Kit last year from China. (1)Was it a counterfit? Probably. It has all the Nike Tags and EPL licenses, but for 20 bucks I assumed there was something not quite official about it.

    It arrived quickly, looked great and (2)had no mistakes. The correct font was used and the patches were accurate for both Arsenal and the Barclays side patch.

    1 - The correct answer is YES, not probably

    2 - Post it here, and I'm betting someone who knows Arsenal Kits would shoot that down in a hurry.

    As someone who has purchased a couple of fake soccer jerseys, it's actually a little bit harder to discern the authenticity of one from a picture if there are no glaring issues. Often the issues with soccer jerseys pertain to the material the numbers are made out of (if you bought a jersey at the store that was name/numbered, it would have felt letters while fakes usually have some sort of plastic-y material) and the material the actual jersey is made out of, although that can vary.

    If it was purchased from China though, it's a fake. No doubt.

  4. Way to put your captian in a replica:


    This reminds me - I was watching the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions DVD and I noticed that during the parade, some of the players were wearing replicas and some players were wearing authentic jerseys. It was pretty obvious too - the film crew would be filming above the shoulders, so you could see the sleeve patches fairly clearly.

  5. I love the Buffalo Bills logo. I'm a fan of the current Calgary Flames uniforms, crazy piping and flag patches included. I don't like the Canadiens road jersey as a part of their identity because the striping is different (it's nice on its own, though). The Blackhawks road jersey is much better than their home jersey. I think the Canucks' identity right now is fantastic, and I think the stick-in-rink logo is vastly overrated. The Indians throwback unis got boring a year ago. Throwback unis in general are starting to bug me when they're included as part of a uniform package. If it's a one-off then fine, but it's just frustrating to see teams abusing their classic looks for money. I don't mind when teams use their team names on road jerseys. I think soccer jerseys look empty without sponsors.

    And finally, my most unpopular opinion - I LOVE the Cubs "Cuba" road jersey. I think it's much better than the bland "CHICAGO" wordmarks they used before and after.


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