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  1. This one feels like a change for change sake. The "swoosh" portions on the previous logo had much more of a vibrant feel, and the new font choice is a bit wonky. Notice the awkward space between the S and w on the new one. I noticed it immediately. 

  2. The system is the brainchild of an legendary lineup of sports designers in Todd Radom, Joe Bosak, Skye Dillon, Frasor Davidson, and TJ Harley. ...and those guys have produced a system that is superb. This one is a home run. I thought I loved the Houston logo, and this one tops it so well.

  3. Adam is a fantastic host. I'm not a podcast guy AT ALL (Usually, within 3 or 4 minutes, i'm disinterested in hearing what feels like a recording of a conversation 6 feet from a mic) but I've never listened to an episode without being engaged. He's got great guests, and really puts time into making it top notch production quality. Highly recommended....

  4. Timberwolves.png

    What was so wrong with these?


    Tree collar- check

    Font- check

    Just fix the collar and get rid of the piping and they're perfect

    These were fantastic! How they lasted just three seasons before being replaced with the bland, generic garbage they wear know I'll never know.

    I agree, these were fantastic. If anything, i'd get rid of the double outline. Only real thing I would change.

  5. Of course, Industry standard in the design field is any Mac, however, if you're comfortable with PC alot of the Chromebooks are powerful, and affordable. Touch screen capability wont help any, simple because you wouldn't be drawing on your monitor. Something like a Wacom Tablet would be the alternative to touch screen, but that's really more on the illustration side.