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  1. Someone can confirm, but I was always under the impression all of the NHL stuff was just a modified version of Myriad.
  2. That baseline tile effect. Swoon. It's the little touches.
  3. Rumors swirling that the name for the Savannah Coastal Plain league team will be announced this week.
  4. My favorite NFL theme has always been the CBS Theme. I always seem to hum it all afternoon after watching a game: I always liked the short lived World Series theme from 2007. I believe it may have only been used a few times/years:
  5. If you want professionalism with a little bit of flair, Gotham is a go-to. The change in weights that you've done is really well done.
  6. As someone who designs in the signage industry, that marquee has one hell of an illumination. I can't imagine the number of LEDs and bulbs required to light the thing the way they have. The "Colbert" blade is pretty amazing as well. All around fantastic work.
  7. Massive upgrade for the Fighting Illini.
  8. Georgetown looks great but the original MSU numbers just don't do it for me. I'd much rather go with a standard block than something someone already has popularized.
  9. The orange didn't quite pop due to the wood grain, so it really is just a lateral move. I really don't mind the flood of blue.
  10. We gotta remember that the concepts posted here are just that, concepts. We blur the lines of what teams may do, manufacturers may do, to come up with creative ways to represent a team's identity. Just because you dont feel like that a certain person would ever do this, color a logo this way, or the like, doesn't mean that we can't open the door for someone's personal concept and create just about damn near anything. It's the concepts board. We gotta settle down with the "OMG THIS IS AWESOME, SEND THIS TO THE _____________ RIGHT NOW, THIS IS WHAT THEY SHOULD BE WEARING!" attitude from time to time. As for the Ducks concept, I like it, and the Purple/Orange scheme is unlike any most people would have thought of. The colors seem to clash at times, I think adding a gray accent here and there would soften it a bit. Also, in before someone yells "EGGPLANT AND JADE!"
  11. O'Malley has the strongest marks so far, but that's not saying much.
  12. Doug, do you have a Pro account? I wonder what the trick is to gaining invites. I've never gotten one.
  13. After taking a look at all the Hawk's new stuff officially unveiled, The winged "A" logo just seems out of place with the roundel. The "Pac" logo is crisp and clean, with a few flowing lines. The winged logo is too bloated and wonky. Crisp up the wings, straighten a line here and there, and it would all fit together.
  14. It may very well be this color, or Adidas' version. Like Metallic, however, that's a really hard color to translate in CMYK/RGB.
  15. Boise's "B" Logo looks great on that helmet. Also, the Purdue white helmet looks fantastic as well.
  16. Cameron Indoor is one of those places that the only feasible place to place cameras are in the catwalk. The place really is tiny inside. The cameras are tucked into the ceiling on the right above the seating section:
  17. The level of professional, well planned concepts like this one truly raise the bar. Fantastic presentation! As for the concept itself, I like the direction of the logos, but the wordmark gives me too much of the 94-97 Sixers uniform vibe.
  19. I think Julien gets a year with the new Bruins' GM to see if the philosophies can mesh well. That press conference between Jacobs and Neely was brutal.
  20. Come hell or high water, i'm going to CS16. Looks like it was one for the ages this year.
  21. Are you using "Type to Path" method? Or placing them manually?
  22. If there aren't at MINIMUM 14 combinations i'll be thoroughly disappointed.
  23. I thought CCSLC was an adidas school? WE HAVE SO MANY TEMPLATES.