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  1. Love the new look, but after letting it sink in, I really wish they would have gone with any of the following for the color scheme: Don't get me wrong, the blue and gold color scheme is nice, but it's the the same feel that the other minor league team in Charlotte shares, the MLL's Charlotte Hounds:
  2. Most front, side "roar" logos for Panthers/Bears/Wildcats/Jaguars are generally the the same design wise, simply because they are so common. I don't recall anything quite like the Pelham logo, but I could be wrong. It's a great logo though!
  3. Meh. The list was okay, but no variety. Also, suprised that Duke was included, Coack K court, along with Indiana and Carolina is about as traditional and timeless as it gets.
  4. Who's tucking pants into socks? Unless you are talking about stirrups which are essentially two part socks, worn with shorter baseball pants.
  5. Triple stroke, actually on the numbers. Apparently you can triple stroke a double stroke.
  6. This is an academic issue that involved student athletes, not the other way around. There's no way the NCAA imposes any penalties beyond what has already been handed down prior to now. As for the Basketball program, Roy became uncomfortable with the cluster of his kids being in those African American Studies in 2007 and steered his players away from them. If anything, Roy comes out on the high end of this. The football end, not so much.
  7. The Wendy's modification is okay with me, because you have to take a moment to see it. Throwing the maple leaf in the middle of the McDonald's logo is no bueno.
  8. United Extended Bold: Premiere is simply Times Bold that's been modified. Martial Arts is Eras Bold.
  9. Great looking recreations. Send a message to user Colorwerx here, he may actually have the official vector files from the league, if they exist in digital form.
  10. All too often we forget to remember that this is the "concepts" section. We blur the line of reality here, so just commenting that the Sonic will be the only team ever in Seattle isn't very constructive. His vision is a team in Seattle called the Kodiaks. Let's keep it constructive. While the color scheme does draw similarities to the Griz, It's an underused pallette. I think the wordmark is a bit too cut and dry. The line between the wordmark and logo seem to separate the two elements, and make them seem disconnected.
  11. Ive always found it funny to see images like this. Why wouldn't most fans move down to the closest point without getting hounded by security? Especially with the Panthers images floating around, it makes it look even worse when everyone is so scattered. I understand the team obligation, but its just funny to see.
  12. Something about this logo, and the Timbers identity in general just seems off.....I dunno what it is.
  13. I think it all depends on the team's ability to "fill out" the bumper. Teams with logos that aren't proportional in height/width may choose to go with the wordmark.
  14. It's been a while since I shared anything in the Concepts section, and I just put these together for my team over in the XHL. Figured I'd post them here as well:
  15. You can probably make up a big list of moments, simply because teams like to wear alternate uniforms on the road, during the playoffs.
  16. Andrew Miller to Baltimore. Stephen Drew to New York. Per Ken Rosenthal: Rays trade Price to Miami for Giancarlo Stanton. Ah damn, fake Rosenthal account. From confirmed Rosenthal Twitter: Price to Detroit.
  17. You're banned from ever mentioning Wacha again.It's becoming impressive. Maybe he's Wacha speaking in third person?
  18. There is a similar font called "Walshes" available here: There's also a font that someone has created that is also very similar to Walshes:'>
  19. Getting a real Pleasantville vibe from the EMU field.
  20. Getting the opportunity to announce a Collegiate Summer league game this thursday. They're having a TBTC night with 19 cent beer. Should be fun.
  21. I've always liked how Georgia used it's logo at the goal line:
  22. Not sure if it's his work, but this is very similar in style to Mike Ray at Tycoon Creative. He's a great illustrator, who has worked with many high schools. Here's some of his work: