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  1. Hoping that new one gets a resounding "thanks but no thanks", but kudos to them for taking serious fan input, which end the end, are the ones who are going to wear and support the crest.
  2. Noting that it's a one time thing for a "Bark in the Park" game, it's hilariously brilliant.
  3. Did you not look in the College Football 2014 Season thread or this thread this link had already been posted? As always, individual threads are separate from megathreads.
  4. It probably just reflects the feather pattern, rather than a helmet:
  5. Still miles ahead of the nickname jerseys, IMO.
  6. New wordmark is great, and the update to the Osprey head is a huge upgrade. It's a modernization of apparently a logo they hold in high regard. If the University is happy, then the update is a success.
  7. Was Nike's reasoning they couldn't mass-produce the blue dye? If the rumor's true, that's unfortunate because it was my favorite jersey they debuted.The reasoning I heard was that since the school had to replace uniforms for so many sports because of the rebrand they didn't have funds for 4 sets of football uniforms (orange, navy, grey & white). Apparently for some reason someone decided to get grey uniforms this year and wait until next year to get navy uniforms. I'm assuming the players and recruits were a factor in the decision. The school still hasn't confirmed no navy uniforms this year, but everything so far is pointing to that.Make the badminton team wear one less uniform, so your flagship team can have more combos. Come on guys, get it together.
  8. No way they'll get a new set. Way too late to implement something this late in the summer.
  9. It will match the team that plays on it perfectly. Actually, I disagree. I've always liked that wolfie logo. The old court was way too "United Center-esque". I think if you removed two of the interlocking logos, it would be one of the better courts in the ACC.
  10. I think the Gold tags are a good idea in theory, but they lack the idea behind soccer/MLBASG execution. No matter if a team has won 1 title, or 10 titles, they each have a single gold tag. The numbers are distinguishable enough. Why not small gold embroidered stars around the NBA logo? I also don't like the huge clash with the neck striping.
  11. Take a look at Pg 106. At the very least, we can expect lime green and a Stadium Series-esque chrome NHL shield.
  12. Those huge ass glossy decals on the flat black UCLA helmet. The humanity.
  13. This. Combine the name change, making a "splash" in free agency (at least on the receiving end) for the first time in as long as I can remember, Ateles has some merit. What could go wrong? It's hard to fault someone for getting excited after a decade of having no reason to, but seeing someone ride so hard for the Bobcats Hornets is still funny. It's almost impressive. It's a fresh perspective from the "Let's just try and win 30 games?" thing.
  14. Sometimes Lukas comes off as well, a dick. It's just unwarranted attention towards Chris. Leaks are fun.
  15. It's linked to the third party website that is HOSTING the thing.
  16. This. Combine the name change, making a "splash" in free agency (at least on the receiving end) for the first time in as long as I can remember, Ateles has some merit.
  17. New for 2015. I kinda like the change.
  18. Closest I could come up with was Tempo Heavy Condensed Italic with some custom serifs: At that point, you may be better off recreating something using Futura Condensed Italic.
  19. DBAP is a beautiful facility. Watched Carolina play Duke there a few times, never a Bulls game. Wish I could make it up for the ASG.
  20. ...and we talked so much junk about the decision. Haha
  21. I can't recall an athlete of James' caliber that has as much talent as he has, is hated as much as he is, yet, when events like this happen, are given so much attention. I can't stand the guy. Yet, i'm waiting for the news...