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  1. - Clean - Traditional - Great use of a simple two color palette Not necessarily generic. I think it's pretty solid.
  2. Three team deal sends Zeller, Thornton to Boston. Cleveland has room now for a max contract. Cleveland letdown level now at maximum strength.
  3. Hayward has agreed to sign a max $63m offer sheet from the Hornets. Jazz have three days to match or counter, but looks like he's gonna be a Hornet: Glad to see Cho/MJ filling atleast a few needs with GH. Charlotte needed an outside scorer. Now all that needs to be addressed is if Cody Zeller can fill the shoes McBob left behind.
  4. ....and to think we all laughed off that Hornets prediction as a practice uniform.
  5. Digging the orange helmet, but the gradient practice jerseys are just a "But why?" kinda thing.
  6. This is possibly the funniest logo I've ever seen. Agreed. The "glass eyes" put it over the top.
  7. Great start. I would work on refining the feet that are grasping the cross. They're just floating above it now. Also, try working on your line weights on the shadows of the cross. Thicker isn't always better, but, consistent is.
  8. Sorry, should have been more specific. The NFL replica jerseys.
  9. Just about anything Tim McCarver and Pierre. Every broadcast has a few "eye roll" moments.
  10. I disagree. It's probably been screened on using high durable silicon ink, similar to what's used on the NFL jerseys. Hard to tell though. I prefer that application, because it takes away the "wonky" look that embroidery gives the surrounding fabric. Nike has done some fantastic things in application of elements, especially when detailed logos are used in small sizes. I especially like the way they've done collar logos with high detail:
  11. This was pretty much the standard for many rap album covers for quite a while in the late 90's, early 2000 era: All you needed was horrible photoshop collage skill(z) and diamond encrusted lettering.
  12. Agreed, every school/market/team deserves fantastically designed apparel.
  13. The only downgrade here is the Hurricanes.Avalanche better than the Nordique igloo?Phoenix Coyote-UGLY better than the Winnipeg Jets logo? Surely, you can't be serious? Take the feel good "nostalgia" out of it, and he does have a point to, at least, consider.
  14. If the bears wore stripes with outlines, and a wordmark above it that was Orange with a glaring white outline, then yes. We probably would. Its the mix of outlined elements, and single color numerals I think most have an issue with.
  15. Buried in the wording is that little "unapproved" word. Most of the time Cam wears a headband that has the NFL equipment logo on it.
  16. I disagree. It's simple, safe, and to the point. It could have been much worse.
  17. Threw a few tweaks to them this morning, would the NBA considered these too much like the old uniforms? The teal alternate color, paired with the pinstripes is such a fantastic color combination. After seeing so much of the purple on the uniforms, I think the focus should be primarily on the teal. The purple is just too "grape" so to say. I think it's too dark, but I understand why the chose it.
  18. The pattern is very "turtle"-esque. Also, nice subtle Blue Cross Blue Shield sponsor tag on the gloves. Glad that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb.
  19. As "templated" as the roundel feels, I prefer it over the crest. Football logos lately have become to "standardized". Call it a trend, or just a safe move, but i'd like to see a club come with something "out of the box" to buck the trend.
  20. The wings do look weird. They obviously took clues from the logo, but a more clear style that the original Hugo had may have been better.
  21. While I normally love the simplicity of two color schemes, the addition of black in the stripes makes both colors pop really well.