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  1. Yeah, I was a little frightened at first, glad to see it's only a line, and not a complete re-brand.....
  2. Haha thanks guys! I'm gonna tweak a few designs for Arizona, and the BP hats for Anaheim, and plan on going with Boston for 2012, to celebrate 100 Years at Fenway..... Being a huge Sox fan doesn't account to any of that, lol.....
  3. Keeping the ASG Pace going, I decided this afternoon to work on something for Arizona, Chase Field, and the 2011 MLB ASG and came up with a few logos I felt good about: After uploading them, I realized that the conversion from Corel to PNG made the Burgundy a little more purple than I intended, which will be corrected, but just wanted to give you guys a peek: Clif CDixonDesign
  4. Yeah, after sitting on the cap designs, I'm becoming less of a fan as well, the AL cap, as you mentioned running into the actual Angels design was something I thought of, i'll shoot around the "NL" and "AL" designs you mentioned trying and see how they come out! Thanks guys!
  5. Thanks for all the great comments guys! I've put together some progress on the BP Jerseys and Hats, here they are: American League: National League: Thanks for the C+C, i'm working on fixing a few of the tweaks you guys mentioned! Clif CDixonDesign
  6. So I've been a member and more of a "watcher" of the CCSLC Community for a few months now, doing a few little things here and there, and finally decided to throw a good amount of time and effort into a new concept, and since the unveiling of the logo is next week, I decided to try my hand at the 2010 MLB All Star Game for the Angels next year. This is just one of alot of concepts i've made over the last month or so, but the first one i'm excited and proud to show you guys to see what you think! C + C are welcomed and appreciated! I'm working on the BP Jerseys and Hats now, but wanted to go ahead and throw up the Primary and Secondary / Field logos that i've put together: Thanks guys! Clif CDixonDesign
  7. Great example of a simple design so it would be utilized in the patch format, I like it......and as KDub's a classic well!