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  1. Kansas State Portland -these are great.
  2. The Wichita Stealth (Defunct) of the AF2
  3. entry 5- 3 pts. entry 7- 2 pts. entry 13- 1 pt.
  4. I'm very glad that you included the barrellman in the fine set.
  5. Back and forth...back and forth. Great job with this one guys. Team 1
  6. Thank you so much for the Benedictine one!
  7. The buffalo's head does look a
  8. Could I get a Benedictine College (KS) one. They are a NAIA school in the Heart of America Conference. Gracias.
  9. MHraven626

    Nd football

    I completely agree with statebully on this one. Notre Dame just isn't going to change any time soon if ever.
  10. Man that's crazy. Too bad it had to end in a forfeit.
  11. I really like those...yes even the golden ball.
  12. The change to white pants on the home jersey made it great.
  13. Let him choose if he wants to attempt another conference. I do agree that the blue UCLA helmet is looking great.
  14. green 1 (hard choice) grey 2