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  1. Alright, according to this site it looks like he wore #16 after being traded to the Spurs in November '75. I'll go ahead and leave this post up for posterity, haha.
  2. Hey, all! Hoping my sports guru friends here can help me out! I'm looking to pick up a replica of an old WHA Denver Spurs jersey, and after seeing that Goldie Goldthorpe (Ogie Oglethorpe's inspiration in the movie Slapshot) played for the team for 12 games in 1975, I'm planning on getting his name on it. My problem is that I can't find what number he wore while on the team. It appears that he joined the team mid-season in 1975 and left before the ill-fated end of the franchise as the Ottawa Civics in Jan '76 (because he's not in the team photo at the start of the season, and not in a Civics program I found). He appears to have worn 7, 9 and 18 on other teams (the Blades, Dusters and Fighting Saints) within a year or two of 1975. I've been searching for hours and thought maybe the crew here would know some resources that I haven't found yet. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey, all! Looking for the name of the font the Avs switched to for their jersey nameplates starting in 2017. The font is VERY similar to their old font, but there are distinct differences between some of the letters. The C and G for instance. I tried Whatthefont with just the below (to lessen curvature) and got no accurate results. Really, REALLY would love either the font name, or if it's custom and somebody here has put one together, a link would be a beaut. Thanks in advance!
  4. Awesome job, man! I guess it's only appropriate that my request follows the Wings dude... I'd like the Avs, with the bigfoot logo on the stripe ( ) and this wordmark on the background ( ). Being the "avalanche" and because the burgundy can be a bit much, I'd say go with a white background and a blue tab (you could try it with a burgundy tab as well to see if it works). Thanks a ton!
  5. I agree--the uniforms are awesome--but the logo definitely looks slapped together. The D with the current primary over it also looks slapped together. You could go a bit more of a direct translation of the old D logo, by doing something like this (though I'm sure it's been done before): Just a suggestion! ~Steve
  6. I've never used an electric, but I hear they're great. After decades of mowing my and my parent's lawns with gas (both self-propelled and not), I thought I'd give a reel mower a try... I absolutely love them. There's no noise pollution--it just sounds like gentle scissor cutting. It's barely harder to push than a self-propelled gas mower (unless you get into really long stuff) because they're so light. I don't see my self ever going back. I used to think I enjoyed mowing lawns, now I know what real enjoyment is!
  7. Reel mower technology has improved greatly over the years. We would use top of the line reel mowers (which actually leave the grass greener than rotary mowers, because they don't rip the grass, causing browning on the tip), and cordless electric trimmers charged from solar energy. I have an alternative fuel vehicle which, you're right, is not zero emission. I would ideally like to do something zero-emissions vehicle-wise, but for now alternative fuel would have to work.
  8. After all my Illustrator work, I had a hankering to tinker around in PhotoShop...
  9. Update: Trimmed the lawn, which was much more tedious than doing it in real life, haha. I do like it quite a bit better, thanks again for the feedback that lead to this! Changed the subname to "Lawn Service" rather than "Lawn Care", I think it lessens the "zero lawn care!?" issue a bit. Next up we'll try no slash in the 0 to see how that looks.
  10. I think in the real world, if someone like you reads it more as a description rather than a name, they would be intrigued to find out what "absolute zero" really is referring to, since someone obviously wouldn't advertise that they don't care about your lawn. Thanks for posting, I appreciate the feedback.
  11. Thanks for the well thought-out feedback! I'm working on 'trimming' the grass right now to see how it looks. As far as the zero slash being distracting, I see where you're coming from. Removing the line would balance the logo a bit more, with the negative space between the Z and the E. I'm not completely sold on removing it yet, but it's certainly worth testing out.
  12. Here's an update. The worn look is how the logo would be presented in most formats, looking weathered and organic. I adjusted a bit of spacing between the letters, fattened the Z and changed the 0 a bit--I think it's a bit more balanced and refined now: C&C always welcome--thanks! ~Steve
  13. Points well taken. In regards to "Absolute Zero", I think the fact that it really has nothing to do with lawn care is the reason the logo would catch people's attention. They'd want to know what is meant by "Absolute Zero" in this case, because it surely doesn't have anything to do with the real absolute zero. The logo is stronger and more aggressive than one would immediately thing of for an eco-friendly operation, but the plan would be to always present the logo in a worn fashion, like many logos are on T-Shirts, etc. This will help lighten the logo's mood and promote the recycling and natural theme. I'll show you an example once I finish working with some of the lines here and there. Thanks again for the feedback thus far guys--I appreciate it! ~Steve
  14. *see post 15 for the current version* Hey, all! I've been tinkering with the idea of starting an eco-friendly lawn care business. There are already a few of them out there but most are quasi-eco-friendly at best. This one would be absolutely zero emissions, zero carbon footprint (meaning no gas OR electric)... hence the name, Absolute Zero Lawn Care. I just threw this together earlier today to test out the colors and layout, and I'd appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks! ~Steve